Wednesday, 20 July 2011

School Uniform

During June as July as the summer term winds to a close some of the shops start to put up advertising for 'Back to School' items such as pencils cases, lunch boxes and uniform. I remember this happening when I was at school and getting very indignant because the school summer break hadn't even started and already we were being encouraged to think about September!

Each year I have taken the children out during the 6 weeks to kit them out with new clothes. The school colour for jumpers and cardigians for their junior and infant school is burgundy. It's the most difficult colour to buy for. Lots of choice in red, green and blue, but burgundy is hard to come by.

So whilst I was scouring the shops in early June for a suitable waterproof jacket for T to take on his school trip I found myself, in desperation, in Tesco and lo and behold there with the school uniform were acres of burgundy tops.

I am now feeling just the tiniest pleased with myself to have got most of S's uniform sorted for her IN ADVANCE of the summer break.

I just love a pretty pinafore and I got these for £1.00 each in a CS. They are originally from BHS and look like they have hardly been worn.

Now I only have the polo tops and the new shoes to buy.

And of course the PE kit, to avoid a pants and vest scene like this for S!


  1. Mine will both have to have burgundy in September - however it has to be logo'd and the uniform shop in town has plenty. I can't bear to think about uniform for the first few weeks of the hols. However we do have a list!

  2. How organised. Very wise. Thanks for popping by. Yes - Larmer Tree was squelchy! But it is always great fun. x

  3. I used to love pinafore dresses. Well done on getting ahead of the game.

  4. It's good to have it all done in advance, just hope they don't grow too much in the holidays. My uniform at middle school was purple, urghh. Awww, I love those little pinafores, how I wish Eleanor was still little.

  5. It does always seem so early to advertise at this time. Although well done for getting in there early!

    I am thinking carefully this year about what the girls really need and what we can keep using for a little while longer. It can get really expensive kitting them out as we found out last year. Luckily they have blue jumpers and cardigans which we can get from the school complete with the motif but they are not cheap, so havent replaced them this year as the girls still seem to have room in them.

    Do away with uniform I say I have never liked it and really dont know why they have to have it so young nowadays. I didnt have to 'conform' until secondary school and even then used to individulise it within the school colours.

    I guess it makes choosing what to wear easier in the mornings! But so boring! lol.

    MBB x

  6. Crikey, Lisa, you are well organised. I wish I was. I always leave it to the last minute, of course!

  7. What a wonderful book! That last picture is killing me.

    Congrats on your excellent finds and early organization!

  8. I remember doing PE in pants, vest & plimpsoles ! I hate those back to school TV ads on before the kids even break up. At J&J's primary school we bought the sweatshirts at the school with the logo on then any white shirts, grey skirts or trousers to go.

    Joe goes into his very last year of school uniform next term & I love that pinafore dress !

  9. I also remember doing PE in my primary school in vest and navy blue big baggy knickers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Children would never want to do that these days!!!!

    I think uniform is a good idea because all the children are dressed the same and there is no oneupmanship with some children coming in wearing designer this and designer that - saves lots of envy and arguments and no one looks like the poor relation.

    It's strange how it's so much more difficult to recognise the children at lunchtime when they have a non-uniform day - and yet when they are all dressed in uniform you can spot each individual - don't ask me why that is, I'm not sure!

  10. Well done you (& I love my S in pinnnies as well..)

    I have managed to do the uniform shop too, picking up quickly whilst it in the shop - its so frustrating when I leave till the fornight before they return & its all sold out in my childens size...

    Just the dreaeded shop shop to do - that'll be the worst expense!

    Loved the lady bird book..

  11. OMG!!! The pants and vest scenario! You brought back some horrible memories!!! It got worse at comp - if you forgot your kit you had to weqr the "bugsy" spare kit! Look at you so organised! Well done. xxx

  12. Do you know, I'm sure I had pants with pockets in. Ooh, and an Airtex vest! x

    PS. I love those old ladybird prints.

  13. Oh the horrors of navy knickers, white airtex and black pumps - it's all coming back to me...... why did they do it to us?
    So glad you are ahead of the game, it is really big business these days isn't it?

    Sarah x

  14. Well done Lisa for being so well organised! Atleast thats most of it sorted!
    With a teenager just about to go into the 6th form, for the first time in 12 years we don't need to think about new uniform - quite sad really.
    The challenge for us will be to find a reasonably priced black suit!

  15. I used to hate my school uniform, which was green,my least favourite colour. My Mum used to take my sister and I to buy ours well in advance,but I hated the fact that I had to have her 'hand me downs',as I was younger.Also everything was always one size too big..for 'growing into'! :0)

  16. Very good idea - I did exactly the same. And Will and I have been and got his pencil case, stationery etc for next term this week as well. So organised! Now I've just got to spend hours sewing in name tapes (groan!).

  17. You have reminded me that I have to buy my son a whole new school uniform including blazer as he has outgrown everything! I can't buy until nearer September becuase he keeps having growth spurts! You made me laugh with the pants and vest picture. We always had to do P.E in our knickers and vest!!! x