Saturday, 2 July 2011

Thursday Trip

G and I were planning a day out for the two of us on Thursday but with the school closure our plans changed and instead we had a family trip to

We wanted a trip to the seaside but also wanted not to have to travel too far so after some leaflet consulation and googling we decided on getting the train to New Milton and then walk down to Barton on Sea.

And this was the scene which greeted us on our arrival.
Just lovely.

A great clear view over to the Isle of Wight too.

The beach huts here aren't painted in the prettiest colours but I wouldn't say no to owning one.

We liked this jolly little sailing boat.

It was fairly breezey and this chap certainly made the most of that. He was up in the air for quite a while.

It was lunch time when we arrived so we sat on the grassy bank to eat our sandwiches and as our food disappeared so did the sun, until we had a canopy of black cloud over our heads.

G decided he woild try and make them disappear by dropping S into the pit of despair (just a small gap between 2 huge rocks, the other one is right in front of him, honest!) as an act of sacrifice to the weather gods. She wasn't too keen!

The children were desperate to get into the water but as it just got a bit too cold we kept busy playing different games of catch, until the clouds did disappear and they were warm enough to venture in.

They weren't the only ones to enjoy the water, this dog was having great fun running in to retrieve it's toy until it got lost. T very kindly gave his ball to the dog's owner so they could carry on playing. An extremely thoughtful gesture we thought.

There are plenty of other places (and beaches) to visit along this coast line and we hope to visit more of them during the school holiday.

This was a great start though, especially as it was finished off with an ice cream and then a quick trip round the charity shops before heading home again.


  1. The sea looks lovely! I wish i could go to the seaside more often but it's a bit of a drive to any beach for me! Very kind of S to give her ball away to the dog. Looks like the children had great fun.

  2. That looks a grand day out. Silver lining in every cloud. xxxxx

  3. Looks like you had a lovely family day out. How kind of T to give his ball to the dog, he does seem to be a very thoughtful young man, you must be very proud of him.

  4. I'm SO envious; how I wish I could be there.
    Stateside- in the middle of the country- it's 100+ and too hot to even get in the garden...can't complain too much since it's given me time to 'explore' blogs!
    will look forward to seeing more towns through your eyes - adding them to my list for the next trip to the UK!

  5. Gosh - I haven't been there for ages. Great idea. Can dogs go there at this timme of year? x

  6. hi lisa
    just caught up on all your posts....some great days out you've had.....i miss that now the squids are grown up and dont join us as much. thanks for all your fantastic support, you know exactly how much this means at such times....x

  7. I had a cuppa with friends at the cafe on the cliff at Barton on Friday. It was lovely. We must meet !!!