Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New diary

Last week I went to one of my favourite shops to buy one of my favourite things.
I went to Paperchase and bought my new diary.
Up until a couple of years ago I had the regular January to December type and it was always a pain having to transfer all the school term dates and other school related info from the old to the new. Then I realised how much simpler things would be if I bought an academic diary which would run from July to July.

As I paid for my diary I confided to the shop assistant just how excited I was.
So many empty pages waiting to be filled.
So many possibilites.
I feel the same way when I buy a new notebook too.
I bet I'm not alone.


  1. I've been using an academic diary ever since my boys were young (they're in their 20s now), as you say, with term dates and such its so much easier, and now I stick with it, its much more fun to start the year in july/august/september, as there is always an overlap you can really start the new one whenever the fancy takes you. I haven't got mine yet, but yours looks great - paperchase here I come,
    joy xx

  2. Oh it's not just me then! The highlight of my school year is getting my new academic teacher's planning diary!!! I highlight all the holiday dates straight away! Makes me so happy!

  3. No your not alone I think so many of us just love having new diaries and notebooks.

    That diary is gorgeous.


  4. I adore Paperchase and could happily spend hours in there browsing. I was in there last week and was looking at the diaries and thinking what a great idea they are. I've always had January to December ones. Probably a bit late to change now seeing as I've gone twelve school years managing without an accademic year one. I love the design of yours.

  5. One of my favourite shops! You are not alone Lisa.

    Love to you all...Lou xxx

  6. Oh I do love a new diary! I love receiving my diary on Christmas Day and sitting there that evening filling it all out!

    Victoria xx