Monday, 14 November 2011

Bits and Bobs

Friday evening I asked my sister if she would like to join me at the Ladies night being held at T's old Junior school. There were lots lovely craft sellers, book stalls, nail and cosmetic specialists and of course jewellery sellers. I couldn't resist this sparkly ring. I also manged to buy more Christmas presents and won a bottle of bubble bath in the raffle.
On Saturday T spent most of the day out with friends (yikes!) but came home saying he had had a really good day.
S and G went off to the cinema and saw Mr Popper's Penguins which they both enjoyed.
I went to an indoor car boot sale with my mum and sister. They arrived before me and mum had alreayd snaffled these 'sweeties' for me for 10p. They were strung up as a garland but I have snipped them off and am now of the look out for a glass jar to display them in. I think they'll look fab on the dresser as part of our Christmas decorations.

I had two good buys. The first for 75p was a copy of The Holiday. I have only watche dthis movie once but LOVED it and look forward to watching it a lot more now. Who wouldn't want to stay in that cottage?!
My second buy was this fab black M&S skirt for £1.25. I am thinking this will be fabulous to wear Christmas day with some sparkly on top. The waist is elasticated so will be perfect for after lunch comfort!
Sunday was spent in Salisbury. We went to the Grasmere Hotel for lunch to celebrate 2 birthday's in G's family, his sister's last week and his mum's this coming week.
G's mum gave us these to bing home for the children. She is an avid car booter too and found these on one of her bargain hunting Sunday's. Aren't they cute. She has also given us the chocolates to pop inside each pocket.
Lots of Christmas items in this post. I think it's going to the way of things to come for a while.


  1. Hi Lisa
    Can I be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas? LOL

    I love the holiday, especially when I'm wrapping presents, cant wait!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE that film! We have the DVD too,and it's an absolute given that we watch it during the Xmas hols.Love the pretty ring,perfect with your Xmas outfit. :0)

  3. ...sorry about the repetition in my comment,not with it today! Bx

  4. It sounds like you've all had a lovely weekend. Those advent calendars are wonderful, saves buying throw away ones each year, and your skirt will look perfect on Christmas day with a sparkly top. I've never seen The Holiday but I've heard other people say that it's good, I'll have to watch out for it.

  5. Love the skirt! The cottage in The Holiday is so dreamy isn't it?

  6. Fab bits and bobs! Looovve those sweeties!

  7. Lisa, can you do my Christmas shopping for me? You have the magic touch. Not familiar with that movie; I'll have to look for it! xoxo

  8. Very nice bits and bobs.

    What a good idea to have an elasticated waist at Christmas!

  9. So Christmassy!! You put me to shame, hehe :-)

    I loved The Holiday too - you can't beat a festive romance!

  10. Look forward to seeing how you display those 'sweeties' - a great find.

    Yep Christmas is in the air now isn't it. I've been out again today and found some cracking buys :) and festive bits for the boys too.

  11. Lovely bargains - particularly that pretty ring. Are you letting T go out by himself now? We are getting towards that time with William but I'm a bit scared of it, to be honest.

  12. I bought a Turkey Crown for my freezer yesterday! We are getting so organised! That film was filmed where my pal lives - in Godalming Surrey, They filmed it in July and covered the high street with fake snow!. xxxx PS Glad about T's friends!!

  13. You are very organised Lisa and have a good eye for a bargain! x

  14. Hi Lisa!
    Thank you very much for your email, sorry for not replying you earlier but I can hardly check my mailbox lately. I hope T's appointment went well and I'm so pleased that things for you at work have improved.
    I'm trying to catch up with all your posts, I hope you won't mind to get some spam from me this evening :-)
    You made me laugh at the "after lunch comfort", ha ha..I brought home some bits and bobs from the UK for Xmas, such as cards, ribbon, tissue paper and even some candy canes from Sainsbury's, stuff I can't find here in the 3rd World..
    Michela xxx