Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thrifty Thursday

After I had finished at the chiropractor's yesterday I went and did a couple of hours of my usual weekly shift at the charity shop. Walking and moving around was the best thing for me to be doing and I didn't want to let the other volunteers down.
We were really busy. Lots of people buying lots of things. Some things were going out on the shelves and being bought soon afterwards. I lost count of the times someone wanted something from the window display which had been decked out with Christmas items.

I bought a few things too, no surprise there then! A couple of DVD's and CD's for pressies plus these plastic containers. Not sure where they'll end up and what they'll have in them but for 10p each I had to get them.

I hadn't noticed this top during the previous couple of weeks it must have been on the rail, but it caught my eye yesterday. It's a size 12 and I wasn't sure it would fit but as it had been reduced down to £1.25 I thought it would be worth trying on to check. Fit it did it'll be fab over jeans.

Lastly this book for £1.00. My mum doesn't read much but mentioned a while ago she would be quite interested in reading Fern's autobiography so I was pleased when I spotted this on the shelf.

Thanks for the messages about my back. I'm feeling much more flexible today. Ice packs are my new fashion accessory. Back to the stretching exercises, not that I should have stopped them really I suppose.


  1. Betty Bargain hunter! Great finds. I dropped a few things off at my charity shop the other day and came home with a few bits n bobs I can never resist! XXXX

  2. Great finds :) I am so missing my CS shifts.

    Hope your back feels better soon xx

  3. Oh yes, I like the top very much. Keep stretching, Missus. xx

  4. puOuch a bad back is awful, hope it soon feels better. Great finds.

  5. Hiya, sorry to hear about your back, chiropractors are good though, it's incredible that they can find just the spot thats causing the pain.

    I'm thinking of volunteering in barnados.

  6. Oh no, I hope your back gets better soon! At least you've got a lovely new top to help you bear the pain ;-)

  7. Glad that your back is getting a bit better! You got some bargains in the charity shop - I like the top! x