Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Christmas Mags

I'm building up quite a nice little collection of Christmas editions of the magazines I don't normally buy the rest of the year.

They are hard to resist when the covers look so festive and full of interesting articles, gift and decorating inspirations and recipes galore.
I am so looking forward to enjoying them over a couple of quiet, indulgent hours.

Especially this one which was a gift from Clare. The ever lovelyMrs Summerfete came over to visit us last week bringing me this fabulous magazine and sweets for all. We had a good old chat, ate cake, drank tea and before all that we even managed a quick flit around the local charity shops.

I'm off to bed to make a start on the Country Living one which was delivered today!


Kathy said...

I've given up magazines this year ... I read so many when I was ill last year, I had a house full..... but, I do find the Christmas covers calling to me! They're very tempting.

keshling said...

I agree, they all look very festive but I've kept all my Christmas mags from previous years when I felt a little more flush so I won't be giving in this year!

K xx

Jo said...

I keep glancing at the magazine stand when I go shopping but I've managed to resist so far, I could spend loads on magazines, they're so tempting. Enjoy your read.

selfsewn@summerfete said...

Ooh country living is out is it?
Might have to pop to the shop.
Or get my christmas mag stash out!
The ever lovely Clare xxx

bellaboo said...

I was given a year's subscription to Country Homes and Interiors by my Mum last Xmas,so I've been trying not to buy any more 'homes' mags this year,but I do get tempted when the December issues arrive in the shops! I'm supporting Alex on Strictly,I think she's lovely,but the guy from McFly will probably win. :0)

Lynn said...

I'm so envious - my local magazine outlet won't even get the NOVEMBER Country Living until next week some time! (You would think that they sent the copies over on a canoe or something.) Thinking I might have to go back to an online subscription, but somehow that's so unsatisfying.

Enjoy your festive browsing/planning!

whatshappeningatmyhouse said...

Oooh yes, Christmas mags - lovely. Particularly the Christmas Radio Times - always my favourite! x

Diane said...

My neihbour brought me a huge pile across the other day, so I'm making do with last years copies! I can imagine you tucked up in bed with your cocoa, and curlers in! xxxx

Happy said...

Oh there's nothing like a festive magazine is there? You've tempted me to go to the newsagent tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by - we've got a bit of hands on support each week as well as scheduled regular discussions with a support worker who has many practical tips! It all helps, doesn't it?
Have a lovely weekend,

Angel Jem said...

I have really enjoyed getting magazines this year, they are my main brain dead read over the next 2 months. Hope you enjoyed your Country Living?

A garden just outside Venice said...

I was extremely good this year and didn't buy any magazine at the airport..they couldn't fit anywhere and I was already overweight, LOL!
I hope you will share some good tips and lush pictures with us!

Florence and Mary said...

There's nothing better than bedding down with a stash of Christmas magazines!

Victoria xx