Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Full Day

There was lots to do yesterday. In the morning I dropped T off as he was meeting up with a couple of friends and dropped S at local school for a choir rehearsal. She was only going to be there for an hour so I took a wander around the park on the opposite side of the road.

Still glimpses of colour to be found,

I love this leaf in mid colour turn,

and the way the dew was sparkling in the sunshine on this leaf.

Can you spot the squirrel who kept peeping round this tree trunk at me?

Early afternoon S and I wandered round to a Christmas fair at one of the local churches. This is normally a really bustling affair with lots of goodies on offer and things to do for the children, but was a bit lacking in all aspects this time.

Late afternoon I took the children out to Eastleigh for their Christmas light switching on event. It's been a couple of years since we went. They had lots going on all day and when we went before we had a really fab day.

We took our place on the street to wait for the parade and when I realised we had stopped by Iceland, I nipped in and bought a box of these Christmas tree shaped ice cream lollies for us to enjoy.

We all liked these shiny Father Christmas balloons.

The charity I volunteer for also has a branch in Eastleigh and this was part of their window display.

After the parade we walked up to the park, along with the rest of the hundreds of other people there, and watched a brilliant fireworks display.
A busy and fun day.


  1. That does look fun & the icecreams look fab !

    We haven't started our Christmas window at the shop but have a huge collection of Christmassy items & red clothes donated ready to dress the window & " The girls " as we call the mannekins !

  2. The Xmas fairs seem to be starting earlier and earlier! Love your pics.Bella enjoys chasing the squirrels,she's never fast enough to catch them though.Waiting for the fog to clear this morning so we can drive to the sea and have a walk :0)

  3. Just the fact that its warm enough to eat ice-creams whilst watching Christmas lights being switched on is pretty amazing isn't it??

  4. What a fun day. There's still so much colour around, it's hard to believe that we're heading towards the back end of November. It's our local light switch on this Friday, but we'll miss it as Eleanor is performing.

  5. So jealous that Xmas starts so early!
    And you get even more sun that us..we're lost in the mist since a couple of days here!
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  6. The weather is amazing for November isn't it .... ice lollies and Christmas lights!!! We popped into a very subdued Christmas Fair on Saturday too .... just loads of knitted cardies for babies really! So disappointing.
    have a good week!

  7. You wouldn’t believe we are at the end of November would you, I picked some roses from out of the garden today.

    Lou xxx

  8. Who's been kissing those front teeth out Loved your full day out. We couldn't make Sheffield lights switch on, so i'll have to make a trip in. Love to all. xxxxxx