Friday, 29 March 2013

A Very Good Friday

Today we hopped on the train and went to Winchester. On a recent trip to the art gallery I picked up a leaflet about the Lego Trail. In each one of 7 museums across Hampshire until early June there will be a large Lego model on display. When you visit each one of the sites you get your trail stamped and if you see them all you can enter a Lego competition. I don't think we'll manage to see all of them but we decided to kick off in Winchester.

The model is housed in the City Museum and whilst there S also did a Lego mini figure trail.

S was very pleased to find free colouring in sheets dotted around the museum too.

And here is the model constructed totally from Lego, a life sized Roman banqueting table complete with bunches of green and red grapes, bread, meat, oranges and apples and pitchers for wine. What a shame we didn't have this before S's Roman feast day at school yesterday.

The Second reason for choosing Winchester was so S could do the Winchester Bunny Hop trail. 14 letters were hidden in 14 different shops across the City centre and when you found them all they spelt out 3 words.

Back to the museum now. Each floor has a small selection of dressing up items. The hats on offer were too good to pass up and so here we have G in a top hat

and a bonnet. I love this so much!

G says I look like a member of the audience from The Good Old Days and that this hat went particularly well with my 'old granny coat.' Nice.

We both loved this display taken from the interior of an old chemist which used to trade in the City

and there is also the whole interior of a tobacconists to marvel over but I couldn't photograph it as it was so full of mirrors and glass I made do with a little snap of one of the elegant adverts. How sophisticated this makes smoking look.

No trip to Winchester would be complete with a little wander around CK and I knew exactly what I was looking for. I had recently received a mini catalogue in the post and spotted this plastic strawberry brooch. I remember having plastic dangly ear-rings like these back in the 80's which I loved wearing even though they made my ears itch!

On completion of the Bunny Trail we had to take the sheet to the tourist info centre to be checked and to claim S's prize. Whilst she was handing it in I had a mooch around and found these little brooches made from scraps of fabric and beads. It's the kind of thing I would like to have a go at making.


  1. Great day out - G looks like "I'm a Lady" from Little Britain! xxxxx

  2. A good time was had by all! Funnily enough I was reading about Winchester Cathedral today. Looks like a good place to go. Is it quaintly old fashioned or very new build?

  3. That looks like a really fun day out. I love Winchester. That Lego roman banquet is brilliant! x

  4. A good start to the Easter Holidays. You always find lovely things to do...

    ps - I think you could have been in Downtown!

  5. What a lovely day out together. That hat suits you ! Amazing lego banquet.
    You find such lovely things to do thank you for showing us x Happy Easter to you all ( hope Easter bunny comes )

  6. What a great day out. I must say, G looks very fetching in that bonnet, and how cheeky is he talking about your lovely coat like that. It sounds like there was plenty to keep T and S occupied.

  7. what a great day out. That Lego banquet is amazing!

  8. What a great day out, love the hat photo's! The Roman banquet table is life size? Crikey!

  9. Hello Lisa! First of all THANK YOU so much for the lovely parcel which arrived in the post yesterday! Mia was absolutely thrilled and we spent a lovely evening reading through the leaflets last night. Again, it was extremely kind of you, and such a lovely surprise for Mia in the post, thank you so very much. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to e-mail you straight away yesterday to say thank you - i still need to reset my password after having my e-mail hacked last week, and Ethan came down with the dreaded sickness bug yesterday lunch time and so we have had a very "sicky" easter :( - this evening has been the first chance i've had to nip on to the computer. What a lovely post by the way, a lovely day in Winchester, Marina xx - P.S. once my e-mail is back up and running I will e-mail you to ask for your address as Mia would like to send you a little "Thank you" letter x

  10. Happy Easter to you all! Look like you had a great family day out.
    Enjoy the holidays!
    Gill xx

  11. That Lego banquet is just amazing! I hope that there was some banqueting of the real, chocolatey kind later in the weekend ;-)


  12. Happy Easter! Looks like you had a fan day out! I love Winchester - must visit it soon!

  13. haha love the hats! Winchester looks like a lovely place to visit.