Saturday, 9 March 2013

Meow Pussycat

This Thursday was World Book Day and at S's school children were invited to go into school dressed as a character from one of their favourite books.

S wanted to go as the cat from the excellent Julia Donaldson book Room on the Broom. This decision was only made on Monday evening.
Cue finding items to make the outfit.
Luckily she already had some cat ears in her dressing up box, result.
Next was a pair of brown trousers from her wardrobe.
To finish off we needed a brown top so we went hunting in charity shops and found a plain brown t-shirt for 99p. A great find which pleased S no end.
I cut up an old work top of mine which days before I had popped into the bag of clothes ready to go to the recycling and then stitched this to the front of the t-shirt so she had a paler 'tummy'
Finally G went hunting in the loft and found the broom which normally only comes out at Hallowe'en.
I'm afraid I failed on the tail, for some reason I didn't give one a thought, perhaps she was the Manx cousin of the witch's cat!


  1. Room on the broom is great and the outfit looks good too!

  2. S looks fab. I've never heard of Room on the Broom.

  3. KP used to love Julia Donaldson books - S. looks wonderful!

  4. S looks fab, & her face says it all - the cat that got the cream!


  5. What a cool cat! Did she have fun? My S is 11 and chose to dress as Laura Marlin so we didn't need more than top and jeans! She did need a dog, though....

  6. So cute!
    The old lady on the book's cover looks like a Befana :)