Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day

I have been given the most beautiful bunch of tulips today. Apparently S wanted to give me some colourful flowers and these certainly fit that description, they really are stunning.

Along with the flowers S gave me the 'mum' chocolates.
T spent a couple of hours in town on his own yesterday choosing me a heart shaped box of strawberry champagne truffles and an oh so pretty Paperchase notebook because it looks like it could be a CK pattern and he knows I like making lists.

My sister was bringing mum over for lunch today so in preparation I baked a chocolate cake and inspired by this picture in the latest Co-op magazine I topped off my cake

with bunting made from cutting up a floral page from an old CK magazine.

I received high praise indeed from T who declared this cake with added grated apple (although he doesn't know about the apple) as delicious.

Along with the cushion I found during half term I gave my mum some tete-a-tete daffodils planted up in daffodil patterned mug which I found last year at a fete. The words on the front say 'A mother's love makes all things bright and beautiful.' A perfect gift for my daffodil loving mum.


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Lisa! I just love S's cat outfit in the last post - she looks adorable! x

  2. What lovely thoughtful gifts from S and T and a lovely gift to your own mother to.

    I noted that chocolate cake in the co op magazine as one Dave could eat (as it doesn't contain flour) - I'm glad to see it 'tried and tested' here and declared delicious! Did you make the one from the magazine, the torte without flour or the one from the link, which does have flour?

    Either way, I'm glad it was delicious and the bunting you made for it looks great.

  3. Lovely thoughtful gifts. I had tulips too. Happy Mothering Sunday Lisa. I love reading about all the fun things you do with your children x

  4. Aww bless them! Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mummy :)

  5. What wonderful gifts, those received from T and S, and those you gave to your mum. I love S's flower choice, very colourful. Happy Mother's Day.

  6. How lovely, there's nothing quite so pretty as a big bunch of tulips, I got some too! x

  7. Tulips (and daffs) are my favourite flowers and I love the colours of your bunch. Oh yum, that cake! The bunting is inspired too! I got a homemade card with my head superimposed on some rapper's body with numerous chains and tatoos. Nice. I even bought my own Mother's day gift (a smelly candle)! xx

  8. Lovely present for your mum, sourced and made with such love and care.

    Your tulips are gorgeous - perfect mother's day flowers! - and it looks as though your kids did well with the gifts, bless them.

    Gillian x

  9. I do believe you have some outstanding thoughtful gift-givers there. Clearly the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! xoxo

    (A belated Happy Mother's Day to one of the most amazing mums I have ever known.)

    P.S. Must acquire some tulips myself. The ones in the garden are not going to be coming up any time soon!

  10. Happy Mothers Day Special Lady! Loved the cat in your previous post - I missed Cary Grant - where was he? xxx

  11. Love the tulips and the daffodil mug! Bet that chocolate cake went down well.

  12. Those Tulips are beautiful!! Such happy colours. The Daffodil Mug you gave your Mum is so lovely.

  13. Good work with the apple in cake ruse! Love it, so happy you had a lovely day,

    Sarah -x-