Thursday, 28 March 2013

Roman Times

Another dressing up day at school for S today.
This half term the history topic has been the Romans and the Celts and so costumes had to be along this theme.
For the last couple of costumes we have been able to raid S's wardrobe and dressing up box to cobble something together but this time we needed to head to the charity shops for inspiration.
The first 3 shops didn't have anything remotely useful but the fourth came up trumps with this size 10 ladies tops.
It's a sheer top with camisole attached and as an extra little embellishment it has gold buttons. It makes the perfect length dress. 
I have stitched a plain white vest inside as it would have been too cold without!
I don't know the proper name for this type of open sleeve but it's made from another charity shop buy. A floaty scarf held in place with a few stitches at the back and on each sleeve of the white top.
With a pretty hair slide (and white woolly tights and gold glitter pumps which you can't see) S has gone into school as Flora the Roman Goddess of Flowers.

I wasn't blogging when T was at the Junior school and had his Roman day and I can't find a photo of it either, but I do have a photo of him aged 6 wearing the outfit he wore to school.
This one was made by my sister for her son and passed on to us. T wore this to a fancy dress competition at local regatta. We made the shield from the side of a cardboard box and the sword came from his dressing up box.

Nothing to do with dressing up, but I just had to include a photo taken this morning of Melvin, stretched out on our bed enjoying the fact there was actually some sunshine streaming through the windows. Cuteness.


  1. Lovely outfits, well done! Melvin has the right idea finding a little sunshine. Happy Easter to you & yours. x

  2. You have a talent for costumes Lisa! I can't remember us having dressing-up days at school.

  3. S looks absolutely fab, you've done a great job with the costume. She looks so happy too so I'm sure she's very pleased with it. Melvin is such a cutie. Good on him soaking up what little sun we have.

  4. Love those great charity shop finds. S. looks the part!

  5. How cute are those two - and Melvin too. I'm trying to remember what Isabel wore - some old sheet as a toga probably. Have a lovely Easter weekend. xx

  6. Oh Melvin !

    Superb costume for S. I bet she has fun wearing it to school. T looks adorable & very happy in that photo. Well done on your charity shop finds & putting them together so beautifully.

    I love helping the mums find things for costumes & when the kids were at school enjoyed putting them together. Mum was a great costume putter together too !

  7. At least Roman and Greek day is doable with a sheet or simple tunic.... I always thought Tudors were the hardest outfit to throw together! But S looks lovely, that blue suits her so well. Did they eat original food?

  8. She looks so cute! You made such a great costume.

  9. You make a great 'dresser upper' Lisa! I love Melvin! Thanks for the comment on my blog - I am sorry you don't like 'seasons in the sun' how about 'those were the days' by Mary Hopkin instead?!!! Happy Easter. x