Sunday, 17 March 2013


Way back in November a small spot appeared on S's top lip. During December I had to take T to the doctor as he had hurt his ankle and S had had to come along with me and so I asked the doctor to cast her eye over the spot as it had begun to grow a bit bigger.
A small cyst which would probably burst and sort itself out she declared.
Slowly it continued to grow but it didn't burst. It was uncomfortable but not painful. I took S back to the doctor in February and he said he would refer us on to a maxillofacial specialist at the NHS hospital.
A few weeks into waiting for the initial consultation the spot had turned into what looked like a huge blood blister and one day it burst and bled. And boy did it bleed. G rang the hospital to see how the appointment making process was going only to be told they hadn't received the referral letter from our surgery. Although for the majority of the time all was ok, occasionally S would scratch her lip, or catch it when she was changing her clothes and the bleeding would start again. I was called into school twice in 3 days because of it.
G decided that we needed to take the situation into our own hands and he made an appointment at a private hospital. Let me say at this point we don't have private health care.
On Tuesday last week G took S for her consultation where he was told she had an  oral granuloma. Since the bleeding it had dramatically reduced in size and swelling but the doctor assured G that without treatment it would grow again and then burst and the cycle would carry on repeating itself.
On Thursday I took S to have the very quick freezing procedure she needed.
On hand to help during the procedure was Nuffy Bear and as his t-shirt shows he is a Very Important Bear as he sat on S's lap and she held onto him very tightly indeed.

I am grateful for the fact that although in this instance we didn't get to use the facilities of the NHS hospital, the option was there. The health care that S has received (and will continue to receive) since we became a family has been incredible.

I am grateful that although we had an eye watering bill to settle, in this instance, we were able to go with an option which has meant that since G made his decision everything was dealt with swiftly and S is now happy to look in the mirror and hopefully won't have to sit out of class or be sent home and miss school which she loves.

And after watching Comic Relief on Friday and the horrendous health issues for children and their families in Africa I was incredibly grateful again and again and again. 

Here is the girl herself all dressed up for school Friday morning complete with red nose. The theme was 'go dressed 1980's style' so we decided bright colours was the way to go. We had gone through S's wardrobe earlier in the week and chosen what she was going to wear but that morning she asked me 'Mum, could you help me get dressed for today like the olden days.'
Olden days!!!!!!!
The 80's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Surely the olden days should be something more like the Victorian era, not when Wham! and Culture Club were doing their thing!


  1. How brave of S and how happy she looks in her olden days garb!

  2. Sounds like she was very brave, bless. The olden days though!!!

  3. Gosh, Llsa, glad everything went well for S in the end. She looks rather fabulous in her 80s inspired outfit. Xx

  4. I hope your little one is ok and on the mend. It is good we have the NHS but have the private option too. Love VIP Bear!

  5. Glad S is happy and feeling happy again. It is awful when your young ones have medical issues. We have certainly see our fair share of Dr's and hospital appointments with our youngest. And a terrifying wait twice with blood test results a few weeks back. And although certainly our NHS are not without their issues. I do beleive we are lucky in this country to have the medical care that we receive.

    Lol Old day indeed! Mind my two ask me if it was black and white in "our days" cheeky minx's.


  6. The bloomin olden days?!! We're still youngsters I believe!
    Hope S is fully recovered now, looks like comic relief day put a smile on her face!

  7. Glad that all went well and doesn't she look the cats whiskers in that outfit!

  8. So glad S is OK now, always worrying when there's something wrong with little ones. I'd have been very cross with the doctor's surgery for their failure to do what they had promised you - I do hope they apologised profusely. x

  9. Glad it all turned out well in the end, but so annoying that you had to pay for S to be seen. She may very well have had an appointment through if the referral has been received. She looks fab in her 'olden days' outfit.

  10. That must have been such a worry Lisa. So glad you got the treatment for S and she could enjoy dressing up for the olden days !

  11. Gold star to G for taking the iniative! The problem with the nhs is the waiting, I expect the swiftness of Ss recovery outweighs that bill xx

  12. Haha, so I was born in the olden days!

    I'm glad S is all sorted now, shame that you had to go private to get the result but yes, we are so lucky to have NHS and the option to go private.

  13. The olden days indeed!! Hope the troublesome spot goes away for good. What about writing a formal complaint to your GP and asking them to stump up the cost of your treatment? Throw a few "neglects" in! I too am glad we still have the NHS, but from my recent dealings I can see that it is on the brink of collapse. I don't know how the staff work in some of the conditions. It is very far from ideal at the moment. I have had to use the private policy that hubby pays in to to get seen to quickly, and I have been amazed how many people are paying privately these days. xxxxxxxx

  14. I was born way before the 'olden days'!!! I am glad that you got quick treatment for S and that the problem has now been sorted out. x By the way I signed up for the Brocante 'works'and am actualy getting quite excited about housework again!!!

  15. So glad that all is well now. What a harrowing experience!!


  16. I hope your beautiful little Miss is ok now, she's a stunner, isn't she?!
    Have a good weekend

  17. I'm glad to hear S is better and it sounds as though she was very brave - I imagine the procedure must have been painful for her.

    I am a huge fan of the NHS but it's always disappointing when you hear how the system lets people and families down.

    Her outfit is brilliant, by the way!

    Gillian x

  18. Dear S,
    So glad its ben sorted, frustrating that you had to go private, but at least you now have peace of mind...
    The NHS is far from perfect, but a whole lot better than other heath care models in other countries...

    Sending you and her an oldie hug!