Friday, 4 April 2014


Again I will start the post with a photo from the photo a day prompt which is 'good together'.
Tea and biscuits.
Enough said.

Some other things which I think are good together are two presents for two friends who had birthdays a couple of weeks apart recently.
I love stationery, you can never have too much, it's always handy and it's the kind of present I love. It looks pretty and is useful too.

The first present was a set of bird patterned notelets from Sainsburys and a set of sticky notes from Matalan. To see what I put inside the tin bought from ebay, you need to scroll down this post a bit further.
A bought a pack of different coloured pens from Wilkinsons and popped the creamy one in with this gift

and the pinky one with this gift along with two further buys from Wilkinsons, the things to do book and flower shaped paper clips. The writing set came from The Works and the tin was from the same seller on ebay.
I thought these would be perfect for keeping stamps inside but

I popped a Malteser bunny inside each one with a little note for the recipient, so who knows what they may end being used for.

My final good combination is this little gingham jam jar jacket I made, after being inspired by one posted on Instagram by the lady who runs polka dots and petticoats, for my mum for Mother's day

which made the perfect little home for her daffodils.


  1. You always put together such lovely gifts Lisa, I love stationary too (I also love tea and biscuits!)

  2. I am loving these snippets. I feel like we are "chatting". I am with you on the Stationery - one can never have too much!! The tin is a fab idea xxxx

  3. Lovely put togethers. Yes you make up lovely gift boxes. I buy pretty notepads from TK MAXX.

  4. I love the stationery you've selected and you've packaged them up so nicely. Great take on the "good together" idea. x

  5. You put together such lovely gifts Lisa!

  6. Tea and biscuits was a great thought for the theme, I think someone I follow on the 365 project site must be using the same list as she's had several of the same topics as you - she did rum and coke for this one!

    As always, great gift ideas!

  7. Mmmm. Lovely tea and biscuits and lustworthy stationary. You do give excellent presents.
    But I think my favourite is the jar for your Mum. That is beautiful.