Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Day 2

Today's prompt for the photo a day challenge is 'in my hand' and not long ago I hung up this new tea towel which had been in my hands for longer than I would have liked!
A bit of an unusual design for a tea towel I thought but pretty even so.

From the days of the year website we learn it's Children's Book Day as it is Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. 
T has never been a reader which saddened me as I have always loved books and I always hoped my children would develop their own love for them.
Of course we did read to him when he was younger. How many times I had to read Bob the Builder stories, this was his favourite character when he was 3 years old and we first became a family. He still has quite a pile of the Famous 5 adventure stories which he G read to him at bedtime when he was a little older.
He then progressed to listening to stories on tape and CD at bedtime, things such as Dr Who and Stormbreaker.

Although not an avid reader S does enjoy settling down with a book now and then. This is her current read, JW has always been popular with both children due to Tracy Beaker.
S also has her own little collection of stories on tape too, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Tilly Beany have been listened to more times than I can count.

One of my favourite books when I was young was Little Old Mrs Pepperpot and I was thrilled to bits to find the exact same copy as I had back then at a car boot sale last year. S is now discovering her too.


  1. This is a great idea for blogs - the photo plus the day - I enjoyed reading about the children's books. I've not heard of Little Old Mrs Pepperpot, but it sounds good!

  2. Hi Lisa thanks for popping by and your kind comment. I am glad to say both my children are avid readers though my son tends to read technical volumes sooner than fiction. I couldn't live without my books and am so glad my grandsons are finding their own favourites already.

  3. I loved the Mrs Pepperpot stories when I was a child, probably because I'm not much bigger than seemed to be. I still have this book somewhere. I used to read to the big ones when they were little where as number 3 was more a Paddington bear kind of boy.

  4. I loved Mrs Pepperpot stories when I was a child, I remember buying the book for Eleanor when she was little too. T may come to reading when he's older. Neither of my two have been enthusiastic readers even though I've really tried to encourage it. I've been surprised by Daniel though, he's actually had a book in his hands whilst he's been home from uni, a reading book, not a text book, and he's told me what he's going to read next, so there you go, don't give up hope with T yet.

  5. "In my hand" - that's a great prompt, it could be anything! I love how open to interpretation these challenges are. x

  6. I loved reading to Jess & Joe now avid readers themselves after years of struggling to read x

  7. Pretty tea towel!
    It's great to find old favourite books, Mrs Pepperpot has been around a while!
    My daughter always loved books right from very early, and with us it was Peter rabbit every night for ages when she was very little. She loved JW too like S.
    Some kids are readers, others are more doers like T and my little nieces who would always rather be playing than reading.
    Have a great weekend Lisa!
    Gill xx

  8. I always feel sad when I see children who don't love reading but then I guess that's because I get such pleasure out of it and I know the impact it has on you. My husband isn't an avid reader though he wishes he was but he's always done well though. X