Saturday, 5 April 2014

Window box

We've been somewhere different today.
A day trip to Emsworth.
Out in the fresh air for a 3.7 mile walk and blew away some cobwebs.
I will do a proper post tomorrow, this evening I feel too tired (although pleasantly so) to concentrate on doing it justice.
I shall use the last photo I took as my photo a day challenge day 5's prompt, 'not mine.'
This trough of flowers was sat on a ledge at the train station.
It was planted by the local Brownies.
It is very simply done with violas, pansies and geraniums but is so pretty in it's simplicity.
I'd be more than happy it if were sat on my window ledge at home.


  1. I am a sucker for window boxes. In my far flung youth I have fond memories of the red geraniums hanging out of Alpine boxes in Austria and Switzerland. With the heart shaped shutters and steep pitched rooftops they made an appealing sight. Shame it was the days before digital cameras or I'd have a stack of photos to look at!