Sunday, 27 April 2014


I hope everyone had a good Easter and if you were lucky enough to have had time off then routines being re-established this week wasn't too much of a shock.
As normal I am playing catchup and this post is a brief selection from our second week of the school hols.
Sunday morning we took ourselves off to the car boot and it was the first huge one of the season. 
Two of my best buys cost £1.00 a piece.
The ice cream motif is on the front of a knitted top from Miss Selfridge. I would somehow like to chop this about and use it on the front of a cushion.
The Mousie Mousie game is brand new still in it's the cellophane wrapper and will be given to a little boy for his 5th birthday later in the year. This game has given our family hours of fun over the years and I hope it does the same to our friends.

We did have some lovely warm and sunny days over the Easter holiday which this pairing show. The first from an afternoon in our back garden and the second from a 4 hour trip to the park with S and her friend L on the Wednesday full of the best kind of fun.

The original plans for Thursday fell through and both children were getting a bit crotchety so I printed off the Easter scavenger hunt clues from the Nature Detectives site and said we were going out. I can't say it was a complete success as there was a fair bit of moaning but it got us outside for a walk.
As we approached the park we saw this post on the right showing the letters N and Y. 'Wouldn't it be funny if the other two sides had T and O on,' I said. And they did. T assured me he hadn't been out with the paint. He was secretly a bit pleased, although he wasn't going to show it!

We had to find something green and I vetoed grass and trees as too boring (you can imagine how that was received!) but thought bowling green was a good example as it wasn't quite so obvious. Despite the warm and dry weather the bits we had walk through which were muddy were really muddy.

On Good Friday I escaped for a couple of hours and went to visit a friend. It was her birthday the following day and so I had to deliver her present. I made up a set of practical but pretty items for her. A heart shaped bucket, CK washing up cloths, a beehived washing up brush, a tea towel which said 'Save Water, Drink Champagne' and a book with a bit of a vintage feel to it on Household and Organisational tips. On the bucket handle I attached a tag with said 'Pretty things should be used even for the boring jobs!'

S and I made some daffodils with the help of a pattern from Martha Stewart, which were given out to aunts, uncles and grannies. The flowers were cut from card and then a yellow cake case stuck to the centre and filled with mini eggs. A chocolate ladybird was sellotaped to one of the petals and we were really pleased with the end result.

We had our Easter egg hunt on bank holiday Monday as we spent the Sunday in Salisbury with G's family. We invited my mum and my sisters over in the afternoon for coffee and cake cake and the children then got down to the serious business of solving the clues. They soon worked each one out and dashed (or in T's case gently ambled) around the house and garden. The clue which got the biggest laugh was the last one and the one of which G was most proud.....
Mars Bar, Twix, Crunchie, Snickers
Look where mum keeps her knickers.
Childish humour goes down very well in our house. Hope it gave you a giggle too.


  1. It looks like you made the most of the holiday's! I like the clue to the easter egg hunt too! x

  2. Sounds like a great second week - you give the best gifts and I love easter daffodils... I giggled at the clue too!

  3. Wonderful bright daffodil presents.

  4. Ha ha, love that clue. I remember Daniel getting to that stage where he still wanted to join in with the egg hunt but it just wouldn't seem cool if he ran for the eggs. Now he'd rather have a lie in than get up for chocolate. It sounds like you made the most of the holidays, you did lots of fun things. I always love to see the gifts you give, you're so inventive.

  5. Sounds like you had a nice Easter! You should definitely make that jumper into a cushion, it's a great idea and would look really good, I think. I like your daffodil crafting, that's lovely. x

  6. Look where mom puts her knickers!

  7. Ooh, those cake case daffs are really clever!!! Your friend did really well with such a gorgeous piele of pressies!x