Saturday, 12 April 2014

Monday to Friday

The first week of the Easter holiday has passed at a gallop.
We started Monday with a lay in and then carried on the day with a fair amount of general lazing about. The afternoon saw a bit more action when we had a new kitchen window and back door fitted.
Our old door was a wooden one and let in so many draughts and the kitchen window was the last wooden framed one in the house which needed to be replaced with a double glazed one. 
Not that exciting as far as home improvements go but we are so pleased to finally get these two jobs done.

Tuesday was chosen as the day to go and pick up my mum so the four of us could go on our annual Easter trail at Itchen Valley Country Park.

S has been wearing hair clips with bunny ears on all week and lent them to T for a quick photo opportunity.
She was concerned about him wearing them at a slightly wonky angle and here she is trying to help him, all he was concerned about was getting a selfie!

Although I haven't been posting my daily photo challenge here I have been keeping up with it on Instagram.
My drawing skills are pretty rubbish and when S asks me can you draw a horse/pig/cat then the results aren't always very impressive. I found something on Pinterest which shows you how to basic animals and so we had a go.
S's is on the left (including her bird) and I had to share my very woolly sheep.

We live quite close to a branch of The Range and after seeing an advert in a magazine I wanted to check a few things out in store so that's where we went on Wednesday. S had to come with me and in return for her patience I took her to a new (to us) playground where she spent a very happy hour.

There were no plans for Thursday and I did wonder what we would do but in the end both children were busy with friends and I was hardly needed at all. This has happened a few times recently and is a very strange feeling.

Yesterday was lovely. G is now working closer to home and is able to cycle to work. He put in an extra hour on Thursday so he could leave early yesterday and was able to meet us at Royal Victoria Country Park for a picnic lunch.

Good food, good games, good company and good fun.

And another selfie, this time me and S, complete with her bunny ears.


  1. Love those ears! Sounds like you had a good time x

  2. The ears are so cool!!! I love them!! Hmmm, I have bunny ears somewhere, must get them out to wear!! Hope you enjoy week 2 of the holidays. I'm just on a coach from Oxford to London and wishing I didn't have to do the long rehearsal and informal concert i agreed to do today when it is such a super day. X

  3. Looks like you had a fun packed week. We arrived home Saturday from Scotland and I spent most of yesterday unpacking and washing and settling the boys back home after their little holiday at the kennels. No rest for the wicked it's back to work today.

  4. I love your annual Easter trail x

  5. That's a lovely photo of you and S. I love your woolly sheep, and S's drawings are fab.

  6. What a nice week you had, relaxing and fun. I hope this one is just as good, happy Easter!

  7. You are looking younger and younger!! How are you managing this?? I love this post - full of family life. I want bunny ears! xxx

  8. I know exactly what you mean about it being strange when you're not needed to entertain the kids in the school hols. Will has been busy with friends the last couple of days so I've been left to my own devices. All part of life's rich tapestry, I guess. T is turning into such a handsome young man, Lisa - but I did giggle at his bunny ears! x

  9. It looks like you're having a wonderful Easter holiday! Those ears are fab, I love the way S is always the one giggling and making everyone join in with her fun. x

  10. Sounds like you are having a lovely Easter break with your children Lisa!
    Happy Easter to you all!
    Gill xx

  11. Any home improvement is exciting to me. The extra shelf added to my airing cupboard had me skipping around for days if not weeks. Looks like you had a good Easter break.

  12. Selfie with bunny ears! Love it.