Monday, 31 August 2015

Finishing Up

Here we are on the last day of the school hols.
S returns to school tomorrow, T will return on Thursday after his school has an inset day and Wednesday is given over to the new Year 7 pupils.

Most of the things we've done I've already posted about but there are just a couple which need to be recorded.
The children spent much more time than ever before amusing themselves or spending time with friends. In fact S isn't at home today, she is having one last day out with L's family at a local farm.

T has volunteered at the charity shop alot.
I must admit to being a little concerned he wasn't socialising with friends so much but he has made a good set of friends at the shop and he is learning the life skill of having to work alongside others.
To help raise extra funds he came up with the idea of customers being able to pay £1 and soak the staff with a bucket of water, in the end over £30 was raised.
This opportunity did not pass us by, only because we do like to make contributions to charity where we can you understand.
I'm hoping the uploading of the video of S and my mum giving him a soaking works.

As I mentioned at the start of the summer break, this was the first year I wouldn't be off with them due to my change in employment.
Thankfully things worked out well.
S went and stayed with Grandma, she stayed with my mum, was invited to friend's and I had arranged some swaps with a friend.
G would look after S three times and we would look after her 5 year old four times.
The age gap was a bit tricky at times but once at the park they both enjoyed themselves.

One morning was spent at a local country park, the one where we do the Halloween trail, so we could do the summer trail.
In the rain.
This holiday it was a common theme.

As well as the biscuit baking there was butterfly cake making inspired by the purchase of chocolate chip cookie spread.
They didn't last much longer after this photo was taken.

One evening we played Mario Karts on the Wii where everyone laughed at how inept I was and I'm really pleased to say we even managed a couple of sessions of good old board games. 
T and I had a Piranha Panic contest and the three of us had fun with a game of Cluedo. I got my guess wrong, T solved the murder and S was only one step behind him.
 S proved to be a dreadful cheat when we did the egg and spoon, got very ratty during a game of draughts (which I found hilarious!) and despite saying he didn't want to play T enjoyed the card game Pit, something we hadn't played before.

A bit of something for everyone.


  1. Glad your holiday plans etc worked out ok.
    Can't believe it is back to school! Our grandchildren are all prepared with new school shoes, and the bits and pieces needed for a freshened and re-sized uniform.
    As the saying goes 'you can bet your bottom dollar' the sun will be shining as they go back to school!

    However, looking back these past six weeks we have had some dry and sunny days that have been spent on the beach. or picnics, a walk in the park etc. Guess it's count down to half term next - Halloween and fireworks ... and then we wonder why the year flies by!

    Enjoy the remaining hours of August

    All the best Jan

  2. P.S. Meant to also say, loved the video and those cakes look delicious ... no wonder they didn't last long.

    All the best Jan

  3. I have had the same tricky issue this summer of juggling work and kids - it's tough! You sound as though you have done some fun stuff though, and made the best of the situation. You can do no more! Good luck to the kids for their return to school, hope it all goes well. xxx

  4. It sounds like you've had a good summer holiday :)

  5. Ha ha, loved the video. S is such a good shot, but had T wound your mum up beforehand? Merciless she was, she made sure every last drop was emptied on poor T, ha ha. Well done to him for coming up with such a good idea to raise funds. I love Cluedo, it's a game I remember from my own childhood and it's been a constant ever since. Hope S's first day back goes well tomorrow, and T's on Thursday.

  6. Your mum looks like she's really enjoying the bucket of water throwing ! well done T on the money raised.

    We have sold a lot of games this summer, the old classics the most popular.

  7. Well done to you all! What a good time you all had. I'm always sad in September, until I remember there's only 115 days to go!

  8. It sounds a great amount of fun!!x

  9. Your Mum got T good and proper! Love butterfly cakes = yum. x

  10. Sounds like a good time was had by all