Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Mural #1

A couple of weeks ago S and I ventured into town together on a school uniform buying mission.
As well as buying new polo tops and jumpers I also had another item on my agenda.
I wanted to go and see the two murals I had recently picked up a leaflet about.
The first one we found is a recent addition to the City and the more we stood looking at it the more we saw.
I recommend clicking on the photo to see an enlarged version.
The central panel was made the artist.

'What do those pink and white dots on the tree remind you of?' I asked S.
'Blossom' she answered.
'All I can think of is pink and white marshmallows' I told her.

The items around the border were made by local residents which I think is fantastic. Imagine being able to point out your very own contribution to a work of art proudly depicting the history of your home city.
The best bits for me are the Saints football scarf.

The old floating bridge, an old cable ferry which crossed the Itchen and was taken out of service in 1977.

The P&O flag. P&O have had a long association with the City. I remember when the Canberra left the docks on her journey down to the Falklands.

The information plaque which mentions how this mural came to be created following the restoration of another mural. This one is on display just around the corner and will be in my next post.


  1. That's brilliant and I love the community involvement in it too.

  2. I love when art has a local input, like here. It must be fun to see all the bits around town you recognise!

  3. I am so behind with your posts Lisa! I see pink and white marshmallows too! The mural is lovely - so detailed. I hope you are having a lovely summer. x

  4. Absolutely stunning. What a great mural x

  5. I haven't seen these yet. I must make a point of looking for them.