Monday, 17 August 2015

Lepe Beach

This day out is from the weekday before last, this weekend was a very quiet affair spent more or less at home.
We like to use public transport as much as possible and when we found about  the beach bus service we thought it sounded like just our sort of thing.

For £15.00 we were able to take the ferry from Southampton to Hythe, then take a bus to Lepe Beach.
The bus also goes to Beaulieu, Buckle's Hard and Exbury Gardens and you can hop on and off all day. 
Plus showing your ticket at these destinations entitles you to 20% off the cost of the entrance price.
The ferry would normally be this price alone so great value for money.
Four of us went, me, G, S and her friend L but the £15 is available for groups of five.

Oh and you all get a free ice cream from the kiosk at Lepe when you present your ticket.
Once ice creams were eaten and enjoyed the girls headed into the playground you can just make out behind S.

It was such a pretty spot to sit and enjoy the view we stayed there to eat our picnic. The Isle of Wight can be seen in the distance along with a few of the boats which were out on the water.

Once the girls had had their fill of playing we took a stroll along the front and found somewhere to settle for the next couple of hours.
This was the view to our left.
The white building had scaffold all around it and a sign to say it was a private residence. I would love to know who owns it and what it's like inside.

This was the view to our right.
The Beaulieu River Millennium Beacon 

and another private residence. This one further back from the beach, but I bet the view from the top is spectacular.

Initially the girls went in for a paddle but before long they were in the water playing mermaids. S was called Sapphire and L was called Aqua. They could have stayed there all day.

The wooden groynes were absolutely plastered in seaweed.

Just as we were starting to make our way back to the bus stop this group of birds began swooping through the air together and then settling back on the waters edge before taking off again. It was a sight to see.

More colourful sails from the boats out around the Island, Cowes week was on so I guess they were taking part in a race.

The orange of this plastic bucket sung out brightly from it's surroundings of blue and green.

Once back in Hythe we only had just over half an hour until the ferry was due. Time enough for G to have a quick dash into a couple of charity shops to look for records, for the girls to have another ice cream and for me to stand and gaze at the bunting.


  1. What a super day out - and such great value too!

  2. What a fabulous day out. The beach bus sounds brilliant, great value too. You certainly had the weather for it.

  3. I love your days out! I wish I could come too!

    And I don't blame the girls for playing mermaids; it's what a river and the sea is made for!

  4. Hi!
    I came to reply to your comment about your crafty bits. You are SO kind to think of me, thank you so much, I am really touched. In this case, I had a massive sort out of my craft shed the other day and came to the conclusion that I have faaaaar too many items so I will regretfully decline, but believe you me, I would love to say yes- SUCH a nice thought!

    This beach bus sounds SUCH a great idea and it sounds great value- I love seeing all the different sights you showed us- those groynes ARE very well covered!!x

  5. I keep meaning to take the andthe ferry and go to Lepe. Pity the weather is rubbish at the moment!