Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Morning Stroll #2

Last Tuesday me, mum and S went for a little walk.
Our stroll ended by a pub.
 There was a sign outside advertising the fact cooked breakfasts were served until midday.
A plan was made.
We would go for another stroll, explore a different route through the copse and make sure we ended up by the pub for 11.30.
So this Tuesday we parked up and headed off into the copse, me and mum using the small gate, S climbing over the larger one.

Instead of going towards Pine Walk this time we headed in the direction of Old Ivy Lane.

The path meandered through the copse for a short distance and then we were out and in the middle of a housing estate. 
Ivy Lane turned out to be one I have driven past thousands of time and never really noticed and it leads to a very busy road. This wander wasn't as green and pleasant as the previous week.
The highlight at this point was this gorgeous red front door with stained glass panel.


Walking alongside the busy road we were passed by a very sprightly older gentlemen who greeted us with a cheery 'Morning Ladies'.
Just after this we took the first opportunity we had to turn off from the road and try and find our way back to the copse once again. It was here we discovered a monster of a blackberry bush from which we picked a very small handful of quite large fruit for S to snack on.

We found the path we needed easily enough and managed to time our arrival at the pub just right.
Unfortunately the rest of our visit didn't go so well. They took ages to serve us with our food and when they did some of it was inedible. 
I did, very politely, complain and have also emailed my complaint to the customer service department.
In the end I had to leave mum and S to finish off whilst I made a dash to get to work, thankfully I wasn't late.
Not quite the relaxing treat we had planned but again it was good to spend our time together and outdoors.


  1. What a shame the food wasn't up to scratch. We have snacked on a few blackberries too x

  2. What a shame about the pub. I haven't been down Ivy Lane for a while but I have an idea you can get to the river that way. Might have to check it out again soon

  3. I hate when you get a bad service. I hope you get a response. Reminds me I must chase up the Holiday Inn re my complaint!

  4. The end is a shame, but at least the beginning was good! I hope you get a reply to the complaint!

  5. I think you're right to complain Lisa. At least you had some fresh air and good company! x

  6. I got angry for you just then! Don't you just hate when that happens. Our blackberries are not out yet but weve been on the moors this weekend devouring bilberries and wild raspberries! xxxx

  7. That's a shame, it sounded like such a nice walk and it was something you were looking forward to. I'd eat a cooked breakfast at any time of day!

  8. What a shame the food and service was substandard but I bet the walk was pleasant funding those blackberries. X x

  9. I don't think I've ever seen a photo of S without a beautiful smile on her face, that's a lovely photo of her. What a shame about your breakfast, I hope you get a reply to your complaint.

  10. The walk sounds great, and those blackberries are stupendous, but what a shame about the food and service being so poor at the pub. Have they replied to your email? xxx