Wednesday, 26 August 2015

We Had A Ticket To Ryde

Travelling over to Ryde on the Isle of Wight for our little break away last week was nice and simple.
Five minutes on the bus and a further five minute walk and we had arrived at the ferry terminal.
We decided to travel as foot passengers on the car ferry and arrived in East Cowes 55 minutes after leaving Southampton.
Once settled on board I took out my camera to take some photos of our crossing and very annoyingly found I had left the memory card in my laptop and so couldn't take a single one.
Once in East Cowes we hopped on the bus to Ryde and found our Airbnb accommodation. Our hosts had been unexpectedly called out so we couldn't properly 'check in' with them but we were able to safely leave our case and rucksacks and go off to do some exploring, but only after we had bought some lunch which we took down to the beach to eat.
Late afternoon after a good wander and a dash into Boots to buy a new memory card it was back to the attic we were renting for 3 nights to get properly sorted.
We met our hosts and their assorted pets and then took ourselves back into town and our evening meal.
This was the first chance I had to take any photos and the first one I took was of All Saints Church which can be seen from all across Ryde

and which had a feathered visitor keeping a watchful eye from his lofty position.

There was a vintage shop just up the road from where we ate and I really liked the closed door sign they had up. We didn't walk past it during the day so I don't know what the open looked like.

Wednesday morning and there was only one thing S wanted to be doing, she wanted to be in the water.
When we got down to the beach, the tide was out

and when the tide goes out at Ryde it looks like it goes all the way back to Portsmouth which can clearly be seen directly opposite.

G and S went in search of the sea and had a short paddle before coming back to the beach where we all energetically played catch and then sat sedately for some reading. Once the tide had come in a bit S got her wish and spent some time messing about in the water with G.

As lunchtime rolled around we felt the need for a cream tea. We found a suitable venue which S was delighted with once she read their hot chocolate menu. She decided on the Malteser one.

There were ample opportunities to snap things which caught my eye in Ryde but due to the memory card issue I was severely restricted but I did manage to find....
a shop with the exact same spelling as S's name

and a fish and chip shop named after T

Don't blink, an angel from the graveyard opposite our accommodation

assorted features on some of the shops

the frontage of the Chocolate Apothecary which was painted in a beautifyl shade of sage green which doesn't really show in this photo.

The painted ceiling of the Royal Victoria Arcade 

Each figure representing a month of the year.

Our plan for Wednesday evening had been to go to Newport to have a meal and then watch the illuminated carnival which started at 9pm. When we opened the door to go out at 6pm the slight drizzle had turned into proper rain and the thought of standing around in that for a couple of just didn't appeal so we stayed in Ryde.

So to Thursday and a little day trip to Shanklin.

Our means of transport there was the train which on this service consists of old London underground carriages.

After a fairly bumpy 20 minute journey we arrived in Shanklin and walked down to the seafront.
This was the view to our left back towards Sandown

and the view to our right.

It wasn't quite a bit over cast and there was a bit of a breeze

but we ignored it and settled ourselves on a spot on the beach.
Then it started to spit with rain.
After a few minutes of this is got a it heavier, we continued to ignore it.
Then it started to rain properly.
We packed up our things and headed for the amusements.
Just a shower we were sure of it.
After all nothing had been mentioned on the forecast. We left our waterproofs and brollies behind on that basis.
But it didn't stop.
It just got heavier and windier.
We got soaked.
As did plenty of other holidaymakers who were also caught out.

But we tried to see the funny side and you can see here!
Weather is fair?
Are you sure?
Can you see the raindrops on S's glasses and in her hair?

We found somewhere warm and dry to have lunch and made a plan to cut short our trip by one night and travel back home Thursday evening.
Despite the weather we really had had a lot of fun and we wanted to end the break on a high, rather than perhaps staying another night and risking Friday being a bit of a wash out to and then maybe going home feeling like we'd been cheated and it all ending on a bit of a downer.
We will definitely go back again at some point. I really liked Ryde and there was so much more to see, plus I need to take photos of the things I couldn't this time. I don't think I'd want to go back to Shanklin though. Nothing to do with the disappointing weather but the parts of it we did see just didn't warrant a second visit when there are so many other places to explore.


  1. The only problem with holidays in the UK is that you're not guaranteed the weather, but you certainly made the most of your break and it sounds like you all enjoyed it. The Isle of Wight is somewhere I'd like to go at some point, I've heard very good things about it.

  2. A lovely post Lisa and it looks like you had a lovely albeit rainy time! I went to Ryde years ago but don't remember it at all! Funny that you found shops with your children's names on them!x

  3. Great to find s & T's names ! Such a shame it's been so wet xx

  4. The weather has been terrible this 'summer' hasn't it? But it looks like you made the most of it. Love S's choice of hot chocolate and that shop closed sign! x

  5. Lovely to read your post Lisa and to see your photo's. The Isle of Wight is a lovely place to visit. We went Lymington to Yarmouth as foot passengers one year and had fun catching buses and exploring. A nice destination.

    The weather has not been good this summer, more rain again today ... roll on September, it can be a lovely month!

    All the best Jan

  6. So cool!!! You saw so many cool sites including the angel!!! The chocolate place sounds brilliant as does 'a hot chocolate menu???' X

  7. Isn't S growing taller and older? In that photo of her next to the barometer she's beginning to look really grown up!

    I'm glad your short break went well. After all, what's time in the UK without a little/lot of rain? It just wouldn't feel like home, would it?

  8. Glad you had a good break, despite the weather, Lisa - last week really was a dreadful washout, weatherwise. x

  9. I keep meaning to catch the ferry over to the island because I'm sure there's some good walking to be had. It's been years since I last went. Maybe I have to move it up my list a little :)

  10. Your two have grown up so much! The weather looks more like October half term weather. Sorry it wasn't nice for you all. I remember warm summers in Cornwall and Devon, so was especially sorry to see your washout! :(