Thursday, 24 September 2015

Busy Week

There has been a lot going on this week, we've all been busy in various ways.
S has been busy at school.
Last week she came home with a certificate to say she speller of the week for always putting her words in her spelling log

and then to top that she was given the Super Star of the week award for all the effort and hard work she has put in to her work and her name appeared in the school newsletter published on Monday.
What a great start to the school year for S, that deserves a little treat I reckon.

Since the children returned to school my days off have been filled with necessary appointments, things such as the car MOT, this Monday it was the dentist for a root canal. Nice.
On my return I found the postman had been and in among the boring stuff was something really quite exciting.
A letter from T's school inviting us to an awards evening.
It said T had been nominated to receive an award, although we won't find out what for until the actual event itself in a couple of weeks time.

As an added extra to liven up the day even further the toilet became blocked. 
To cut a long, and very yucky, story short the problem turned out to be with the main sewerage pipe. Thankfully after a call to the water company it was confirmed it was one for which they were responsible and we were told an engineer would be sent the next morning.

Next September S starts senior school (can't believe I'm typing those words) and Monday evening me, G and S went to visit the first of three local schools we are considering as they were holding their open evening.
The school is a recently established academy and in a building which is only a couple of years old, everything is very light and spacious and a huge improvement on the facilities previously on the site.

            DVDs bought for 10p each at the car boot on Sunday.

Thankfully Tuesday morning the promised engineer turned up bright and early, the blockage was cleared and the toilet was soon in full working order again.

G finished work earlier than normal in the afternoon so he could go and watch S's class assembly. This is probably the last class assembly we'll be attending. There's the Christmas production and probably a leaver's assembly and then that's it.
Strange to think.
Anyway, S's main activity in this assembly was to tell everyone about the sweet potato cookies she had baked as part of their project on Zimbabwe. G said she delivered her speech very clearly and did a great job.

I was having to work until 8pm that evening so was unable to join G and S at the second senior school open evening. 
As this was held at T's current school I didn't mind so much as we already know a great deal about the school, but T had volunteered to help out in one of the Science classrooms and was helping the younger children conduct a very simple experiment. G said he looked quite the part in his white lab coat and was good at communicating with the children.

The final open evening is next week and then a decision will need to be made.

                       pretty floral top, 50p

Wednesday involved another dental visit, but this time it was for S. 
I had to take her to the orthodontist to see if she was ready for the brace the dentist had referred her for.
The answer was a no, we need to go back in a year and she'll be reassessed then. 
Next year when she'll be at senior school.
Oh my.

So that's been our week so far.
School and dental based.


  1. Lisa, four things!
    1) What a very good start to the school year for both S and T ... that is so encouraging, you must all be very pleased and proud.

    2) So fortunate that your blockage could be sorted.

    3) Dentist visits although not pleasant are necessary for both check ups and any treatment. I always have a big smile on my face when I'm walking out of the chair...

    4) I do like that floral top.

    ... all I need to do now is wish you a happy end to the week and a good weekend ahead.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  2. What a busy week you've had. Very well done to both S and T, they're both doing so well, you must be a very proud mum. It's great that S's achievements are being recognised and T being nominated for an award, how very intriguing. I think it makes it even more special when you find out on the night what it's for. My car's in for its MOT today, just waiting for the dreaded phone call telling me how much it's going to cost. Love your bargains.

  3. Well done S!!! Bravo indeed! Eeek, teeth!!!! Hate them!!!!! Glad you've had a successful week re your children!!x

  4. Good week all round! Please hug them both and tell them I say well done.

    Secondary school decisions *shudder*... so glad I don't need to do that again!

  5. What an excellent start to the school year. We're waiting here for an orthodontist appointment, it's always so busy there xx

  6. Congratulations to S and T. It's sad to say goodbye to primary school & I still miss the assemblies and helping out in class.

    I've just donated a pile of DVDs to the charity shop & it's nice to see them being re-homed xx