Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Pink Dress

I'm blogging much later in the day than I intended but it's been such a full on day that 9.30pm really is the soonest I am able to get out the laptop and let you know that today has been teddy bear day. And to mark the day I wanted to share this little bear of S's.
All those years ago when we were waiting to meet S our social worker suggested T send her a little something. A special gift from her new big brother.
She suggested a cuddly toy of some description, something to help make a connection before the face to face introductions.
T chose this littlest of all bears for S and her foster carers said from the moment it arrived it never left her side.
If they went out the bear went too, inside a tiny handbag which looked like a glasses case with carrying handles.
One day after they had been out food shopping they arrived home to find the bear had been lost. Cue tears. Lots of tears.
S's foster dad was immediately despatched back to the supermarket on a bear finding mission and thankfully she was found. Phew.
She is without a doubt one of S's tiniest and certainly most treasured bears.


  1. Oh Teddy Bear Day that's wonderful, thanks for the link!

    I love the teddy here and what a lovely pink dress too - so cute.

    All the best Jan

  2. Awww, that's so lovely. I'm sure she'll always be treasured by S. Eleanor had a Po Teletubby which went everywhere with her. It was lost many times but found again, until she took it on holiday to Barbados with us and it disappeared out of our room. It was, how can I say, very well loved, so I doubt anyone would have taken it on purpose. I think the maid may have taken it out with the bedding. Eleanor was devastated, and I was a bit too. Luckily, she'd bought a new cuddly toy at the airport going out with some money my mum and dad had given her for her holidays so that ended up taking over from Po and Eleanor still sleeps with it even though she's seventeen.

  3. What a touching story, and a very sweet tiny little bear. It was obviously the perfect choice, so well done T! xxx

  4. That is a wonderful story! The bear is adorable! x

  5. What a dear Teddy bear. Jess had a rabbit ( we had two identical ) A sad day when the second very worn " auf " went missing forever xx

  6. What a lovely story, and a sweet little bear. x

  7. It's a rare child who doesn't have a beloved teddy but S's has a very special history.