Monday, 7 September 2015

Festival of Food

Saturday morning saw me, G and S hopping on a train and then hopping off again just a couple of stops along the tracks as we were going to Hamble for 
the Festival of Food.

We had a walk of a mile or so from the train station to get down to the quay and this took us along the Dani King Cycleway. Dani King was part of the Team GB Cycling team and won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics in the team pursuit. Because of this the post box situated in Hamble square was painted gold, I completely failed to get a photo of that.

Hamble has a long association with aviation, this is reflected in the naming of some of the roads and details of the housing within those streets.

Further along the road is a small statue dedicated to the Air Transport Auxiliary 

with a plaque explaining their vital part in WW2. Unfortunately the black engraving has started to fade which, out of respect, I think should be attended to.

S and G were sat waiting for me down at the quay, would you believe I was waylaid taking photos? Not of the gold post box though, how could I forget to do that?

Once back to being a band of three again we headed over to sample our way around the various food and drink stalls.
We needed to buy something tasty for lunch and after trying fudge, various cheeses, chocolate stout and ham we settled on a steak pie and another filled with egg, bacon and sausage

one of these sun dried tomato loaves (although I would have preferred the cheese and watercress one) and a chunk of nettle and wild garlic cheese.
All were delicious.

This was our view as we sat on the quay enjoying our lunch. All very pleasant sitting in the sun and watching the boats sail past.

S and I spent a little time watching one of the stall holders make apple and blackberry muffins before

we set about answering the clues to a quiz based on the houses, pubs and shops leading from the square down to the quay.


  1. Sounds good - all that aviation history must be very interesting.

  2. That sounds like a great day out. I like food festivals, especially when you're able to test the wares. It looks like it was held in a great place too with lots to see.

  3. It sounds a really intriguing place to visit! I love all the aviation clues and items around, yes, definitely that writing should be redone! I do love the H on your pie!!!
    Oooh, the neckerchief sounds really nice, is it sailorstyle-how sweet of you to think of me!x

  4. Oh Lisa that sounded such a lovely day, and you were so fortunate with the weather.
    What a fantastic view to have as you sat and ate lunch ...

    Hope your week has started well.

    All the best Jan

  5. What a lovely day out. The pie looks wonderful !

  6. Good day! My mouth is salivating at the thought of all the food. The pies sound delish!

    And I am longing for a proper welsh rarebit. I need to find a place nearby that does them (or bite the bullet and make my own)

  7. Glad to see the tribute to the ATA girls (and boys!) and yes they need to touch it up - but not inappropriately lol! x

  8. The food looks lovely. You can always steal my photo of the post box from my last visit to Hamble :)