Sunday, 20 September 2015

Saturday - start to finish

It was whilst I was looking for details for our day out last weekend I found something which we could go to this weekend.
We left the car near one of our favourite parks and took a stroll along the river. This was busy with people in kayaks

and when I saw this chap all I could think of was the theme tune to Hawaii Five-0.

When the children we younger we would come to this park and feed the ducks and yesterday we saw a new sign advising other items which are better for them to have.

It's good info to have for a future visit but we weren't at the park to feed the ducks or any of the other birds we saw.

 Our destination could be seen just over the roof tops 

 St. Denys church was the venue for a new art exhibition
Outside the church was a colourful display by a group of primary school children. It was all about the rights of children. Access to food and clean water, a safe place to play and being able to go to school were all mentioned.

Also outside were these faces cut from plastic bottles which reminded me of boggarts.

The art work on display ranged from paintings and sculpture to stained glass. I liked the way these flowers were displayed entwined around an old metal gate.

We visited this church a 4 years ago on a heritage open day and it was the stained glass windows which caught our attention then. I couldn't get a good photo of them yesterday. This was because of the sun, so I'm not complaining, so I concentrated on some other smaller features.

Back home in the afternoon I spent some time in the kitchen baking Dalek shaped biscuits to go with our

Dalek straws. All of this was in readiness for the start of the new Dr Who series which we all sat down and enjoyed together. 

I thought we needed something to go with our biscuits and as it was butterscotch pudding day there really was only one contender. I could have spent longer in the kitchen and made something from scratch but decided on the trashy option instead. 


  1. What a great day out, an interesting exhibition staged in such an interesting place. Love the photos of the birds. We all used to sit down and watch Dr Who as a family but I lost interest when Matt Smith took over, there's only Mick who continues to watch now.

  2. What a great day - those plastic bottle 'boggarts' are brilliant and I love that you made a special effort for the new DW! I spent the day doing forest school with a migraine and then went to sleep on the sofa, so there was no special effort here, but I did manage to wake up and watch the first in the new series!

  3. That looks like a fun day - great exhibition, and I do love the architectural details in churches. I've seen a few of those signs popping up in parks telling visitors not to feed bread to ducks and geese - it's the best thing for the birds, of course, although I bet lots of people will carry on regardless! xxx

  4. You know of course, what I am going to say. Ahem- TARDIS Tuesday! Please link up!!!
    LOVING the cookies and the straws and the art looks beautiful as do those fabulous floors- I love ornamental floors!!! So what did you think of WHO!?!?!??!?x

  5. Lisa - that looks a great day.
    What a brilliant idea your Dalek goodies are too. Dr Who has such a large following, so many fans were pleased to see it back at the weekend.
    Hope your week is going well.

    All the best Jan

  6. I really like the flowers around the old gate. It's good to have the duck feeding info. I've stopped feeding swans bread. The pet shop stocks suitable seeds. Roddy gives them fresh water at the marina to drink.

    We watched Dr Who too xx

  7. I've walked past the church many times but never been inside, I shall have to watch out for heritage days. As for the park, you know it's one of my favourite walking places and I like the shot under Cobden Bridge.