Sunday, 27 September 2015


 Yesterday morning we were at the park, just as we were last Saturday.
We parked up by the tennis courts and walked across the cricket and football pitches until we arrived by the river.
As per last week there were people out on the water, but they weren't getting travelling under their own steam, these were taking a more leisurely option.

Talking of taking things in a leisurely fashion S decided a little lie down was in order, not that it looked like the comfiest of spots, but she was happy enough.

The swans and gulls were out in force and gobbling up the bread which was being thrown for them

Whilst in the vicinity last week I had spied a notice for the re-launch of a local cafe.
Our afternoon was spoken for as S had been invited to a birthday party so we needed something to do which was local and would get us out and enjoying the surprisingly warm day.
Popping down to the park for a little walk and then visiting the cafe seemed like a good plan especially as part of the re-launch day there would be free ice cream tastings.
Loved the ice cream balloons they had as part of the decorations inside the shop. 

The new name for the cafe is The Songbird and with our hot drinks we were all given one of these sweet little bird shaped biscuits.

S had a great time at the party later in the day but unfortunately my day went downhill. A bout of IBS which had started on Friday just got steadily worse through Saturday. I went to bed early and even though I slept through until gone 9am this morning I still felt tired. Thankfully but mid-afternoon the pain had eased but I do find that it just whacks me out and today I achieved very little.
T went to the charity shop for his two hour Sunday stint and G went into work to build up some flexi. Not the most fun packed weekend but that's just the way it goes sometimes.


  1. Oh no, Lisa, poor you, what rotten timing fir the IBS!! I hope you improve. What a shame after a glorious day.x

  2. I do hope you're feeling better now. It does wipe you out when you've been in so much pain, it takes a while to get over it so try and take it easy for the next few days. Glad you managed to get out and about on Saturday though, I love those little birdie biscuits.

  3. How tall is your girly getting! Sorry to hear you were poorly - I hope it goes away soon xxxx

  4. Sorry to hear about your IBS. I had it years ago and found taking Colpermin (peppermint capsules) and Fybogel really helped me get back to normal. Hope you find something that works as I know it is horrible and debilitating. x

  5. Those balloons are wonderful! I like the look of that cafe. What a shame you felt poorly, I hope things have improved now. xxx

  6. Sorry you felt so poorly & hope you are a lot better. The cafe looks lovely x

  7. Some weekends are just like that, which is a shame but sometimes that's the way it goes. John works every other weekend and I often feel like we get half the family time that everyone else does. I hope you're feeling better now. x

  8. Hope you are feeling better now. I love those little touches at the cafe.

  9. Lisa - I do hope you are feeling better now, and have been able to rest a little.

    That cafe looks a nice place to visit.
    Like your photo's, thanks for sharing.

    All the best Jan

  10. Dear Lisa,
    I've been trying all evening to get into my email to email you but my email is refusing to load or let me get your address, not sure what's up with it but I didn't want to get into every day forgetfulness (which happens with me and emails- if I am on the train and it's awkward to reply, I forget about things!)
    Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the lovely scarf and the crafty bits (plus dalek straws!!!!) you sent- that was very sweet and it was so nice to receive those (and none of this nonsense about getting your act together- it takes me MONTHS to post things- I promised Hazel a skirt back in May and I still haven't sent it yet- ooppps!!!!)It was very kind of you and I look forward to modelling it soon!!x

  11. Hope your IBS isn't causing too much nastiness anymore. How sweet to give those cute bird biscuits, it's always good to find a new cafe xx

  12. IBS is a big pain in the bum.... but I'm glad your bout is over. Take care of yourself!!
    What struck me with your photos is how tall S is looking!!! Has she put a growth spurt on?

    And can I be rude and ask you to email me your address, please? For no good reason.... ;-)

  13. I'm guessing that was the little ice cream shop by the Triangle. I remember the coffee being very good. I probably should visit more often. Sorry your IBS was giving you problems. You have my sympathy as my gastritis is back with a vengeance at the moment.