Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Junior School Ends

Here is S on her first day at junior school

and this is how she looked this morning on her last day.
Just a little bit of a difference!
S came home half an hour ago saying a few of her friends were crying as they left. I asked her if she felt sad, but she says she's just excited about things to come. Long may that last!


  1. Awww, how lovely. She's blossomed in to a beautiful young lady in those junior school years. I think it's fabulous when kids are excited about school and what lies ahead, going in to secondary school with the attitude S has got will put her at an advantage right from the start.

  2. It is amazing how much children grow up while at primary school isn't it! I hope that your daughter has a great summer and really enjoys all that secondary school will bring!

  3. I hope S has a lovely summer holiday before her next adventure x

  4. She's a lovely girl! So glad to hear she is so happy and positive!x

  5. Yes ... the school year ends - where did it go - it certainly seemed to go so quickly.

    Lovely to see these photo's of S. May she keep such a positive attitude.

    Enjoy the summer holidays

    All the best Jan

    PS Glad the egg and mushroom recipe was a success, many thanks for all your great comments.

  6. Wow, so grown up, hope that you all have a great summer together and lots of good wishes for S when she moves to new school.

  7. She has grown into a fine young lady! x