Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Last visit

Last night G and I went to see S in her Leaver's Assembly, she was part of the choir singing in The Jungle Book and today I've been into school again.
Year 6 were hosting a Fairtrade coffee and cake event this afternoon to raise money for Water Aid.
Each class gave parents a short presentation on the Africa work they've been busy with this half term and S stood up and read out some information on the charity they were supporting with this event.
We then had some time to look at our children's individual work.

S has one week left at junior school but today was my last visit there and when I left I couldn't help but feel a little sad but I also felt very happy knowing how excited S is about the next stage of her education.


  1. Happy / sad times when our children move on and up. I'm sure S is ready to take the leap with your love and support xx

  2. The assembly sounds lovely and I love that picture. I'm glad S was better from whatever made her ill at the weekend so she was able to take part. It's such a big step moving up to secondary school but it sounds like S is definitely ready for it, she'll be wishing the summer holidays over as soon as she breaks up.

  3. Although it will be all change there will be exciting times ahead! Enjoy the summer and look forward to what is to come!

  4. Good luck to S in her new school adventure starting in September! I hope that secondary school is a positive experience for her. x

  5. I'm glad you had a nice time at the leaver's assembly. That art work is lovely!

  6. It is great that S is so looking forward to going to her new school in September, she must be feeling a very happy and confident young lady. x

  7. So pleased you enjoyed the leaver's assembly, I can remember going to them ... so special, and lovely memories.
    I do like the art work too, very effective.

    I hope S enjoys her last week at school and wish her well when she starts at her new school in September.

    All the best Jan