Monday, 18 July 2016

The Park and The Shore

It's been a few years since we went to the Mela.
Different choices abound for things to do and places to visit in the summer but this year we decided to stay local and we would go.

I checked out the programme of events on-line before we left and once we arrived we headed for the World Stage to watch a display of traditional Bulgarian dancing. Unfortunately this stage were having technical difficulties and there was a lot of waiting around whilst they were overcome. With the sun beating down the dancers were looking very hot before they had even started, but it gave us an opportunity to look at their beautifully colourful costumes.

I loved the cross stitch work on the skirts and blouses.

Once the dancing started it was a joy to watch. All the dancers were smiling and clearly enjoying themselves. This style of dancing is so inclusive, men and women dancing together, you get a clear vision of how integral and important an activity this must be for a community.

From here it was over to the food area where BBQ kebabs, noodles and watermelon were consumed.
With full tummies we went in search of the activity tent, stopping on the way to watch this fire juggler as he came to the end of his act by twirling this flaming metal rod, very skillfully, around his body.

Once we had found the tent we watched a group of ladies perform a couple of dances. They meet once a week for a Bollywood keep fit dance class. I much prefer the idea of this rather than a traditional exercise class. 

The next item on my list to see was a Flamenco workshop. Visitors were invited on stage to learn a few steps in this very expressive form of dance.
The ladies, and one gent, who took part did really well.
It was a great afternoon.

Last week I found out that it was Big Beach Clean-Up weekend and an event had been arranged down at our local shore.
It's a place we have visited countless times and although we always  take our litter home with us or ensure it goes in the bin there are others who don't and so I decided to go and take part in the litter pick.
Armed with a black sack and a litter grabber I trawled the shore and path.
An hour later my bin bag was about a quarter full. This doesn't sound like much but given that most items were little pieces of plastic such as pen lids, bottle tops and even a size cube normally found on a clothes hanger I did pick up quite a bit.
I even got a certificate for my efforts!


  1. What a great event, and even better when the sun's shining. The Bulgarian costumes are absolutely beautiful, I think it's such a shame that we don't have a national costume here in England. Well done on the litter pick, I really do think they should come down tougher on those who drop their rubbish, how hard is it to put it in a bin?

  2. What a brilliant event!

    People who drop litter really make me angry! I always want to do one of those beach cleans, but I'm so far away from the sea and then on the rare occasions I am there, I get so excited about seeing the sea that I don't think to pack bags or anything for litter picking (though I do still pick up what I can carry and put it in a bin!)

  3. Wonderful day out seeing the dancing! The litter picking is wonderful, it is so sad when people leave their rubbish lying around isn't it. Well done you!!

  4. So much gets washed up on our shores so litter picking is very worthwhile. Loving the festival costumes & once again reading about your lovely outings.

  5. That's good you took part in the beach clean!! The dance events sound fab, esp the Flamenco!

  6. This looks a fun event and those costumes with the cross stitch work on the skirts and blouses look great.

    Well done on taking part in the 'Clean-up' good to see that you got a certificate.

    It always annoys me that so many do not seem to take their litter home with them (or put it in a bin). Even in my locality I very often take a bag and pick things up - it just helps the environment and makes where you live better looking. We all need to take care and pride in our community, and by doing so it can encourage others to do the same.

    All the best Jan