Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sound Asleep

With G working and T off to Bournemouth Gay Pride, the plan for me and S on Saturday was to be up early and get ourselves into town.
An Ikea breakfast, a search for new swimmers and a handful of other little tasks were on the agenda.
None of this happened.
S did wake up early but then she was sick.
S spent the day between her bed, the sofa and, as seen here, our bed too.

She had a little sleeping companion for some of the time.

Thankfully she is bright as a button again today and off out at a friend's birthday party.
It's been a busy week for S with 2 transfer days at her new senior school. We were invited in on Wednesday evening to meet the form tutor who will be with her for the next 5 years. Along with her pupils Miss W will also be new to the school in September.
On the way home S said 'why can't it come sooner (meaning the beginning of term in Sept)', it's so exciting.' 
To know she has such a positive attitude towards the start of her senior school years is very reassuring.


  1. Bless. She looks so much older than when I first found your blog in that photo... does she know you've put it up? My Sarah would run a mile!
    I'm glad she seems much better, and that school is a thing to look forward to! Roll on September, eh?

  2. Poor girly did look washed out but glad to hear she bounced back & is excited about things to come xx

  3. That's great to hear that S is excited for her new school and raring to go, rather than a summer of anxiety about it!

  4. Sorry to see your girl so poorly, hope she is feeling much better! Great that she has a positive mindset to starting High School will make her settling in so much easier!
    Have a lovely week.
    Anna xx

  5. Sorry S has been poorly but pleased she bounced back and is so looking forward to Senior School.

    The two youngest grand-children start at Infant School in September, they too have had visits to their new schools ... exciting times!

    I just wish our 'summer' weather was better, perhaps it may be for the school summer holidays!

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  6. Lovely little sleepy heads. I am glad that S is well again and that her illness was short-lived! x

  7. I'm so glad she is so excited!!!