Tuesday, 5 July 2016


We've been lucky enough to see some very talented people whilst at a couple of local art events recently.
If you can't get and see them in action then check out each link and enjoy a little of what they have to offer and what we've been enjoying.

First up is The Bullzini Family and their high wire act which is thoroughly captivating.

The girls from Sole Rebel Tap with a Spatterdash routine entertained the crowd and S was particularly taken with their shiny shorts.

The Edwardian Cricketers were hilarious and had the crowd laughing along with them in no time at all. Lots of audience participation was required, here you can see three members of the crowd picked out to be fielders and S's friend L was chosen to be the umpire. A role she readily accepted.

Maple Staplegun plucked three lucky men from the crowd to help her with her hula hoop act and kept the crowd laughing with her antics and her skill.

Last up is a lady with a beautifully melodic voice who goes by the name of Sticky Toffee Jazz. Salisbury council organise music in the park during the summer and it's the perfect way to while away a sunny Sunday afternoon.


  1. Oh wow, what a great assortment of acts to see! I LOVE the sound of the Edwardian Cricketers!!! This sounds right up my street!!x

  2. Lisa, it looks like you have had some great entertainment so far, street artists are one of my favorite thing about summer!
    Anna xx

  3. It is nice when the council put together such events! x

  4. What fun to see these acts x

  5. A varied mix of entertainment, it sound like a great summer day out!

  6. Events like this are such fun.
    I really like the look of the Edwardian Cricketers!

    All the best Jan