Monday, 8 May 2017

Starting with a Fete, Ending with a Rake

S volunteered to help at her school fete on Saturday.
We were up bright and early to prepare her two contributions, cinnamon sugar popcorn and these marshmallow and white chocolate skewers which sold very well.
When S left with her goodies I toddled off round the corner to the church hall for a jumble sale.

I picked up a few items of clothing for me and my mum and a couple of bits and bobs for my sister's birthday present.
DVD's were being sold at three for £1.00 and I had no problem finding some I thought we would enjoy.
I have never read or seen an adaptation of Macbeth and so I thought I would give the version with Michael Fassbender a go.
I remember seeing a trailer for The Dressmaker featuring a very stylish Kate Winslet when it first came out, I hope it lives up to expectations.
The last one I chose was A Long Way Down, the film adapation of a Nick Hornby book which G had read recently and thoroughly enjoyed.
Something certainly a bit different it's about four people from very different backgrounds who find themselves on the top of a very tall building on New Year's Eve, each wanting to end their life. I suspect this was very much the case of the book being better than the movie. 

Sunday morning G and I headed out to the car boot. It was cold and overcast and it seemed like every other person was selling baby clothes and toys and I got a bit fed up half way round. G always scoots on ahead and so was happy to leave once I'd had enough. My best purchase was for my sister. 20p on this robin sweater which I know she's going to love.

How different the weather was in the afternoon to how it had been all morning. Out came the sun and the temperature shot up. G and I pottered about in the garden and got a few things sorted. 
Our next door neighbour has a garage at the bottom of their garden which makes a great border with ours. Until recently this area was where we had the children's trampoline, but they had decided the time had come for it to go. We hope, in time, to make a little seating area down there of some sort.
Anyway we have various bits and bobs we wanted to hang on the plain brick wall, mostly inspired by things I have seen on Pinterest and Sunday afternoon was the time to get out the drill and get them up. 
We have had the old garden sieve for ages and when our rake fell apart last year I knew exactly what I was going to keep that for. I picked up the ladles for pennies at car boot sales and now these are going to become tea light holders for when we get those warm summer evenings. That's the plan anyway.


  1. Those marshmallows look scrumptious. Let me know what The Dressmaker is like, I've wondered about whether I'd like it or not. Just love the rake idea with ladles, looks fab xx

  2. Yum! I'd have definitely bought some of those marshmallows, they look delicious. I haven't seen any of the DVDs you picked up, what great bargains though, and so was your sister's robin sweater. I love the the rake and sieve idea, I'm all for having fun and quirky things in a garden, I think it makes it more interesting.

  3. I know why the marshmallows sold quickly! As Cheryl also said they look scrumptious!

    You did well with your purchases again, I love the robin on that sweater.
    It's always nice to have a garden plan, and I think your ideas are good.

    Enjoy your week, I just hope the weather warms up a bit ... I had to put a thicker jacket on again ... madness in May!!!

    All the best Jan

  4. I have the very same two ideas noted for when we finally own a garden! I once saw a photo in a magazine I think of an auricula in a terracotta pot in a sieve and loved it! I'd noted the ladle tealight idea too - we must have similar tastes!

  5. Loving the rustic wall. I've seen the dressmaker - love Kate W but not seen A long way down so shall look out for it.
    I bet S had fun selling her wares x

  6. The new garden ideas are super!! Do you mean they have knocked down the garage? I wasn't totally clear exactly what you meant? The Robin jumper is great!!

  7. P.S. Another dead cert for buying the marshmellows!!

  8. Great inventive idea for the rake. I must go and reignite my interest with pinterest! The marshmallow sticks looked scrumptious! x :)

  9. Love your garden upcycles look so great against the white washed wall. I seen the "Long way down" last year on TV not knowing its title,it is one of these films that makes me laugh & cry at the same time, lovely in its simplicity & very thought provoking! The marshmallow creations sound & look very yummy not surprised they sold well. Have a lovely week, hopefully you get some nice weather to enjoy your new garden corner! xx