Monday, 18 October 2010

All the W's

At the Weekend we all Went for a Walk in the Woods at West End.
The leaves on the trees are beginning to turn from green to brown

and good fun was had with the ones that have already fallen.

An hour's walk on a cold and bright morning was followed by an afternoon indoors playing Cluedo amongst other things such as a spot of sewing (me), colouring (S), dozing (G) and even dancing (T and S).

In case you were wondering it was Mrs Peacock with the rope in the conservatory.


  1. Sounds like a perfect way to spend and Autumn day! :o)

  2. Sewing?
    Pray tell!

    Me busy, if you call crocheting, blogging and not leaving the house all weekend then yes I was!!


  3. I am sooooo good at Cluedo - hubby says I should be in th CID!!! Your two are growing at an alarming rate!!!! xxxxxx

  4. Sounds a lovely way to spend a lovely autumnal Sunday!

    Oooh what were you sewing?

    I am rubbish at board games. I tend to get bored! lol.

    MBB x

  5. HaHa!! Havent played Cleudo in a long time!
    You cannot beat a lovely, family walk in Autumn.

  6. Proper autumn day - pale sunshine & leaves to run though :)

  7. What a lovely day. I do love playing board games too.

  8. Thank God it wasn't Miss Scarlet in the library with a lead pipe.

    (And I learned something new today: you call it Cluedo and we call it Clue! Tomayto, tomahto, right?)