Monday, 4 October 2010

our weekend

We had a day out and a day in this weekend.
Saturday morning we wnadered up to the local park for an annual Nature's Harvest event.

G fell in love with the ferrets who were very cosily nestled in their fleece blankets waiting their turn in the racing competitions. Money raised from the races goes towards an animal charity. Cute but smelly. The ferrets that is not G.

S made a bird feeder with seeds and vegetable fat using a plastic drinking cup as a mould.

There was also live music, a bird of prey display, a stall selling old English varieties of apples and pears. a pottery workshop, face painting, farm animals to pet and a climbing wall.
We also paid a visit to the nursery next door to the park and liked this display of the different coloured heucheras.

T was the only person to leave the house on Sunday as one of our neighbours is on holiday and he has taken responsibility for feeding their cats. In fact the majority of us didn't get dressed, but we did play Connect 4 and Tumbling Monkeys, we played word games, we played flap the paper fish across the dining room floor with the recently collected school prospectuses, we played Wii, we tidied bedrooms, we even managed a bit of homework without too much grumbling and we ate a lovely roast dinner.
All in all it was a very relaxing day and this was the view I had when I flopped down on the sofa with a cuppa and a book at 7pm before I began the mountain of ironing.


  1. Sunday was definately a day to spend in your jammies!! We had to take the DQ back to Manchester last night after her work as she had too much "Stuff" to go on the train. It had stopped raining by then, and the view and sunset were spectacular. Love the ferrets, always remind me of poor old Richard Whiteley. xxx

  2. Sounds like you had a good weekend. Sunday was definately an indoors sort of day - like the idea of jimjams & board games :)

    Still damp here atm - it had better perk up I need to go out.

  3. Those ferrets have got the cutest little faces! Glad you had a nice time just chilling out at home on Sunday.I could do with seeing some blue sky and sunshine,fed up with the greyness and the rain. :o)

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

    Victoria x

  5. That sunset is absolutely breathtaking! (So sorry to have been a stranger lately in Blogland...)

  6. An ideal way to spend a soggy Sunday. What a good idea!
    We've had a glorious blue sky day here today - let's hope it continues through the week!
    Love Kathy xxx

  7. You packed a lot in in your weekend, didn't you?! Glad you managed to go to the park!

  8. Now that sounds like a perfect Sunday! Love that sunset photograph. x

  9. EEEkkkk ironing!
    Looks like a lovely day out, stunning sunset!
    Thanks for popping by!xxx

  10. I'm very fond of ferrets ! We had some when I was a child. Yes, very smelly but also quite delightful in many ways.
    Thanks for popping over and admiring the cushion. You're so right, the rose is like the pyrex dishes, and so I think I'll be calling it the Pyrex cushion from now on !
    Happy days to you,
    D x

  11. Hi Lisa, just popped back to say thanks for your comment. I've often wondered how many pain killers I've consumed in the last 30 years, or how much I've spent on protection. And then, sadly, I become a little bit cynical and wonder if there are never any real advances in this area simply because the drug & protection companies are making so much profit... can't help but wonder if it would all be so very different if it happened to men...
    Take care,
    Denise x