Sunday, 24 October 2010

ladybird apron

I have just been browsing the sale items over at and found this retro apron taken from a Ladybird illustration being sold for £5.49 with free p+p. I know lots of people are fans of Ladybird/retro items and thought I should share as it might make a good Christmas present, or little treat!


  1. good morning.
    blogging on a sunday thats dedication!

    Nice apron, I shall have a peruse later.

    Its going to be a sunny sunday..enjoy!

    Hope your sister is feeling better.

  2. That's a gorgeous apron and a good price too! Have a lovely Sunday,and best wishes for your sister. :o)

  3. Ta for the pointer - my history reads like a bank statement!! I'll be taking a trip over. xxx

  4. oh Lisa its lovely, did you treat yourself to one? how are you? did you see that 40s festival in the solent magazine, i was meant to email you about it but ive been in and out of hospital non stop and sorry to say i forgot! i really wanted to go, maybe next year! take care, fliss xxx

  5. Thanks for that link, The apron is fun.
    I am getting really addicted to internet shopping there are some brilliant sites out there.
    Best wishes to your sister.

  6. Dear Lisa
    Thank you for your lovely comment :-)
    I hope you're week is going well - half term? I bet you're having a fun time!
    Denise x

  7. Hi Lisa
    Just popped by to say thanks for the kind good wishes.
    That apron is lovely, I am a ladybird book lover, shame I dont have a mini person to buy this for.

  8. Hi Lisa, Thankyou for your Birthday wishes. Im glad Im not alone in my cup/jug fetish. I have an apron one too and I arrive here and you show me another gorgeous one (Im looking away, I must not buy........) Too late, I will have to go to the website. It will make a brilliant Xmas gift and the price is great too X

  9. thanks for sharing lisa, shall snap a few up ...ideal pressies.....