Saturday, 23 October 2010

round up

After making a good start last week on my Christmas projects, many thanks for your kind comments on the pudding, things ground to a halt on that front.
Twice this week I have woken up in the early hours and not been able to get back to sleep. Although the up side of this was the first time I had an entertaining email conversation with Lynn.

I hate missing out on sleep, it makes me even grumpier than normal.

This week I did the parent's evening appointment with T's teacher. Always a bit of a concern as T has intensely disliked his time at junior school for a variety fo reasons. What with year 6 being so crucial before senior school and all the issues regarding the school in general I wasn't sure how it would go but I was very happily surprised by what I found. This year T finally has a teacher who understands him.

My sister C isn't well. She hasn't been to work since Tuesday. She may have tonsilitis or it maybe glandular fever. Whatever it is she looks dreadful and so I've popped down a couple of times to visit, take shopping in and walk the dogs. It's her birthday tomorrow so I'm hoping that big pile of polka dot wrapped presents will cheer her up a little.

Yesterday was an inset day for both T and S and I have to say we didn't do much. Had plenty to do here I hadn't managed the rest of the week like sorting new car insurance also lots to do getting T all sorted to go off to camp with the Cubs this weekend. It's a special one for Sixers and Seconders only. I drove a very excited T to Winchester , excited because they were due to set off for a hike in the dark at 9.30!


  1. Sorry to hear your sister is poorly.I'm sure your lovely presents will cheer her up on her birthday.Hope you have a nice weekend and sleep well!..and T enjoys his cub trip. Thankyou for the get well wishes. :o)

  2. I am like a zombie if I don't get enough sleep, which like you I didn't 2 days this week either. Maybe there's something in the air. x

  3. Ooh I've had glandular fever, it's not great to say the least, but the best advice I was given was to gargle with soluble asprin to relieve the throat pain - it saved me and I was actually able to go to school (though maybe I shouldn't have!). Hope you sister feels better soon!

    On another note, the necklace my friend is wearing that you liked was made by her Mum, who owns a little craft business. It's all gorgeous stuff so I recommend you have a browse! :-) I love the felt vegetable broaches!

  4. Glad T has found a good teacher - it makes all the difference. The one thing you can be certain off with kids is that they will always give you something to worry about!!! Hope your sister starts to get better soon - I'm sure your gifts will cheer her up. Ive had some bad nights sleep this year (I think its the Menopause) I can't believe how much I appreciate a full, good nights sleep now. xxxx

  5. Hi Lisa!
    Thank you for your lovely comment over at mine, it really helps me to think how I might deal with blogging in the new year.
    So very glad to hear T has a good relationship with his teacher this year - so ESSENTIAL, isn't it? And yet so often it doesn't happen.
    And sorry to hear about your sister being poorly and you waking up at all hours - I find knitting helps if I wake at a ridiculous time of night/morning!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Denise x

  6. The pleasure was all mine; it was such fun to "chat" with you at (my) bedtime!

    Is glandular fever the same thing as mono? If so, I am an expert (unfortunately). I struggled for months with fatigue and achiness. The good news is that I eventually got better AND because massage helped so much, it led to my becoming a massage therapist! Perhaps a new career for your sis - ha!

    Take care, both of you...

  7. Hi Lisa, sorry to hear about your sister, I really hope your thoughtful gifts cheered her up.
    Happy hols to S&T!

  8. Hi Lisa - just catching up on everybody's blogs after getting back from holiday - you've all been writing far too much while I've been away! Quite agree with the teacher thing - it makes such a difference in primary school when a child really clicks with their teacher, doesn't it? Will loves the teacher he has this year, and there's such a change in his whole attitude to school after last year when he didn't get on very well with his teacher x