Tuesday, 12 October 2010

stocking 1

I've finally done something with one of the 4 woollen socks I bought a while ago to use as Christmas decorations. It certainly wouldn't win any awards in innovative styling, but I'm pleased I've done something with it, however small. Pre blogging I would have thought about doing something crafty and that would have been it, but now I have more oomph to try and do little bits and pieces just now and again.
So with a small child's chopped up PJ top bought for 50p from the Salvation Army charity shop I did this.

Number 25 has a little flap on it and when you lift it up

you're greeted with a slightly bizarre wide eyed Father Christmas!


  1. Hello, I’m sat in bed with every part of my body hurting from a busy day at work......and your stocking has brought a huge smile to my face. You have done a lovely job.
    Lou x

  2. That's ingenious! Love it!!

  3. Brilliant and fun idea! Roll on the first of December! :o)

  4. I love the way that blogging spurs us into action!! They are lovely Lisa. I also loved your previous post - how pretty in pink does S look!! Thanks for your kind words yesterday - very much appreciated. I hope the scumbag bought gets his comeuppance. xx

  5. Oh my, it's Christmas at Jumble and Jelly !
    I love the stocking, such a good idea and I'm so pleased you made it. As you say, blogging is a great incentive to get on and do those crafty things, isn't it?
    Thanks for visiting today :-)
    Denise x
    PS: we had the health and safety visit on Monday! All fine and quite straightforward - for some reason I was quite anxious about it - absolutely no need! But that's the adoption process, eh?

  6. What a great idea! and a good way to use a lonley sock! Christmas is a coming in your home!

    Blogging certainly can spur us on to try or do things we might not of bothered having a go at.

    Take care.

    MBB x

  7. Wow! Never seen an Advent sock so far!

  8. Lisa, Jarvis is often spotted on a Platform in Sheffield station and apparantly is always really lovely if you speak to him. xxxx

  9. Love it! ... :0)

    Shirl x

  10. Hi Lisa
    Thank you for popping by and for your kind words, I really appreciate them.
    Sending you lots of love on this sunny Sunday,
    Denise x