Thursday, 27 January 2011

2 things

2 things that have made us smile this past week are this incredibly cute card T received from his cousin

and a heart shaped crisp found during our taste test of the new Walker's crisps for Comic Relief.

I have to say for once my to do list may be cleared. Shouldn't speak too soon but it's off to a good start.
Sort out flower tubs in front graden
Photographs for blog- done
Read SATS info
Read through SATS test ready for working through with T.
Sort out thank you's. Due to arm breakge T couldn't complete his so I've taken over!- done
Sort plastic ready for recycling- done
Sort clothes ready for recycling and charity shop- done
On line banking
Sort glass for recycling and walk to recycling bank.
Sew on Cubs badge
Put on washing machine- done
Sort through a months worth of receipts and shred
Sort out handbag
Rearrange contents of chest of drawers
Walk to secndhand furniture store tolook for sheving units
Drink tea and eat a hot cross bun- currently doing.


  1. How cute and thougtful that card!
    Enjoy your spare time then!

  2. You've definately earned that tea and hot cross bun!
    What a great card.
    Thanks for email Lisa.Will let you know if we get over that way.
    I have loads to be getting on with so shouldn't be on the PC looking at lovely blogs! :0)

  3. Thats a fab card! I could just eat a Hot Cross Bun! That was a long "to do " list! PS Part of my master plan has been thwarted - Highclere Castle doesnt open until Easter! Never mind - I always have a plan B, and C and D!!

  4. ooh hot cross buns - I've not had any yet this year ;-)
    I love the get well card, what a great find! I hope all is well in the J&J household and that T is feeling better,
    Looks like you've crossed a lot off your to do list :-)
    Happy days to you,
    D x

  5. Oh I wish i had a hot cross bun right now, I've just put the remains of the bread in the toaster ... not good!
    What a wonderfully appropriate card!

  6. Love that card - and save a hot cross bun for me, would you? I love hot cross buns!

  7. Yeah, and all this comes before blogging! x