Friday, 14 January 2011

Sticks and stones

may break T's bones, but so will running and then tripping over in the playground.

Yep, T had a bit of an accident at school on Wednesday lunch time and managed to break 2 bones in his right arm.
After a couple of frantic phone calls G went up to the hospital with T, my sister C coming to the rescue and driving them up there, just after 1pm. Just after 3pm I had a text message to say T needed to have an operation that evening to have a couple of K wires inserted. Well it didn't happen due to more pressing emergencies and so T stayed in over night and I went up to the hospital for 8.30 Thursday morning as he was scheduled to have the op between 9 and 10. Eventually he had his op at 3.30pm.
I was so proud of how he handled the wait. He was bored, hungry, thirsty and oh so fed up by the time he was able to go to theatre but he didn't moan or whinge, (well not too much!), just accepting that the wait had to be done and that was that. The nurses praised him and other parents commented on how well he coped.
He didn't want me to accompany him to the theatre, I was only allowed to go to the end of the ward with him and give him a big hug and kiss there.
He did make me cry at one point too. T was in the same hospital, a couple of floors up from where my dad died in 2008. T said 'thanks for coming up and being with me mum, I don't know why you wanted to come, cos what with Grandad and all, but I like having you here.' Bless his heart.


  1. Oh dear!!! Glad to hear he handled it so well and what a sweet thing for him to say!

    Victoria xx

  2. Oh crunch!!! Sending wishes for a speedy recovery!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! What a brave lad! (and a brave Mum)! Get well soon T! xxxxxxx

  4. Oh good grief. The last bit made me well up as well! you must be so proud of him, lovely boy!

  5. What a shock for you all and well done to T for being so brave..that must have been so painful.
    I'm sending lots of get well wishes his way. :0)

  6. You "done good," mum; what a thoughtful, sensitive lad you're raising there.

    SO sorry that this had to happen; wishing Mr T the world's speediest and best recovery!


  7. oh dear, poor boy. Hope he recovers quickly x

  8. OUCH*!*

    Poor T, Get healing soon!

    I am glad you bought your Dad that Birdsong cd it must have given him really great pleasure, it really does lift your soul to hear it.

    Thinking of you Lisa,

    Sarah x

  9. What a lovely lad Lisa. If you're gonna break your arm I say do the job right, looks like he BLOOMING did'an'all. I've seen some funny photo's on blogland, these are the best ever. Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones..... LLX

  10. OMGosh poor T, how did he do it?
    I broke my arm on roller skates when I was his age, nothing like that though.

    I expect he will enjoy all the attention though.

    I was going to say wanna try and meet up??

    Maybe over your way?

  11. Poor old T, that's rotten luck. Such a lovely thing to say to you, though - made me feel a bit weepy just reading it. Do hope it's not too painful xx

  12. Oh bless your boy!
    I'm sending him a big hug - gentle of course so as not to harm any of the injury!
    I hope T is feeling so much brighter today. If it's any consolation I know how he feels, having broken my wrist some years back, I had to wait 4 days before I could have the op to set it and had the K wires too.
    I hope he's comfortable today.
    The K wires can feel rather pinchy at times and it can all feel rather sore too - I recommend a good regular dose of pain killers!
    I hope you're taking care of yourself too, Lisa!
    Denise x

  13. Ouch! I hope he heals quickly! Very brave, I must say!

  14. Oh dear, that sounds painful. Hope it mends soon x

  15. Hi Lisa, I came over to Thank you for your lovely comments and to wish you a belated 'Happy New Year' and Im sorry to have arrived to read about your sons arm. Aww poor T, that must have been extremely painful. How lovely of him to think of your feelings when he was about to go to theatre. Hope your arm gets better soon T. X

  16. The most important thing is that he keeps smiling despite his awful pains, poor thing!

  17. Poor T, but what a brave lad! Sending loads of healing thoughts from temperatures of MINUS 27 in Canada!!!