Monday, 24 January 2011


Yesterday G and I decided our walk was going to be around a little village close to us named It was used as a location quite a lot during the filming of the BBC series'_Way

I have a leaftlet, the children just love it when I say that!, giving details of various walks around the area and using this we explored part of the area and saw some great sights.

I would just love it if you followed this sign which was at the end of a long lane and found a picturesque cottage with 24 windows!

Daffodils on the rise, a sure sign of Spring.

The wildlife ranged from handsome sheep

to scary stone gargoyle lions

the very rare (for this weekend anyway) lesser spotted smiling T

and a deer.
This was definitely the highlight of our walk.

There is a working windmill in the area too and a country park so we plan a return visit in the summer complete with picnic. Now where did I put that leaflet for safe keeping?


  1. Is it me or are the daffs coming up much earlier this year?
    Nice to see a red telephone box..they're getting harder to find nowadays. Sounds like that village would be a great place for a Summers day out. :0)

  2. Looks like a lovely place to visit. Love red telephone box too!

    Gosh I remember Howards Way! And all those boats and shoulder pads.

    MBB x

  3. Looks a lovely place for good walk. I too remember Howards Way - lots of shoulder pads and affairs!!

  4. I have a whole collection of leaflets ... I seek them out whenever we go somewhere new!
    I remember Howard's way too!

  5. I used to LOVE Howard sway (thats what we called it!!) Those 24 windows need to have chocolate behind them too! This looks a gre4at place Lisa. One of my fave places near you is Bucklars Hard and it looks a bit similar. xxxx

  6. I loved Howard's Way - used to watch it with my Mum. She's recently bought the DVDs of all the series and is having a real trip down memory lane watching them all again.

  7. Ha ha ha, careless mummy! Just kidding!
    I hope T's arm is improving!

  8. Love the Deer and love the very idea of the 24 windows, Oh please let it be true....

    Happy Midweek,

    Sarah x

  9. Hi Lisa, thanks for your words of encouragement on my gym endeavours! I'm off there again tonight!!

    As for the clothes, they've still not been sorted! That's my plan for the weekend!

    Victoria xx

  10. My kids always groaned when I produced leaflets too, but if I handed the map/footpath directions over to them, they loved it - even when we got lost, a lot! Great blog by the way.