Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I first heard the new Co-op advert on the radio and then saw both of them on Tv over the weekend.
I have to say I think it's quite a clever marketing campaign. It taps into the way a lot of people are thinking about choosing how they spend their time amd modern everyday living.
I'm sure for everyone who likes the ad there is one who doesn't, see them here at


  1. As you say clever marketing, but there wouldn't be much money left for 'other' things if you kept just popping in for what you wanted when you wanted it....does anyone ever buy just what they want!!

  2. I'm not a fan of the CO-OP,so this ad wouldn't persuade me to shop there,but it is clever. :0)

  3. It's a great theme isn't it! I don't want to do that big shop anymore either!

  4. Lovely sentiments and definately a marketing man tapping into what a lot of people are missing these days, but my localish co-op doesnt supply anything that I could make a decent meal out of. I used to love the co-op in my village when I was little (i can still remember my mums "divi" number!). It was a place where ladies shopped every day for fresh ingredients (women didnt work once they were married then). It was a hotbed of laughter and gossip. xxxx

  5. Hi the singing whilst short lived was very loud and workmanlike!

    So far so good, seem like they know what they are doing, I'll ley you know when they've finished what I think.


  6. Hi Lisa, just popped by to say thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Jenny x