Monday, 31 January 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Back at the start of January the very lovely Kathy at postcardsfromthepp blog posted about a project she was going to take part in.
This seemed like great fun and I hoped a way of helping any trips/walks we went on as a family more interesting for those who grumbled.

One of the objects was a goldfish and on this I failed but without further ado here's what I did get.

An abandoned building.
A listed lodge which is going to be sold by the local council. It's at the entrance to our local park which was once the grounds to a large house.

Stained glass.
Seen on the exterior of a house whilst out on our walk last weekend.

It's not very clear in this photo, but it was wound around this sign post just outside a craft studio in Winchester.

Playground equipment.
The top of the slide in the park a few minutes walk from our home.

In the park where the abandoned lodge is.

Our local library and where I go for my monthly book club.

Tombstone over 100 years old.
This was found on our walk last weekend in St Leonard's church yard.
I choose this ebcuase buried here is Mr Dearlove. What a name!

My front door.
Just a couple fo days into the new year.

A reflective surface.
Winnal Moors Nature Reserve.

Something out of place.
Well this one just had to be T's x ray as his bones are most definitely out of place!

A bottle of bubbles was taken by S on our walk yesterday on the Common.

Thanks Kathy for posting about this.
Looking forward to February's.


  1. Hi Lisa well done, I have seen this photo thing on other blogs.
    Unfortunately for me a needle and thread seems to have permanently attached itself to my right hand, rendering my photographic self useless LOL!

    I am tentatively going to suggest another attempt to meet up, but not wanting to cry wolf or jinx it, I shall whisper!

    Clare x

    ps. def bone out of place! Ouch!

  2. I must admit that x ray made my knees go wobbly! Love the photo of the abandoned building, what a shame that it is so neglected. A lovely blog post, thank you

  3. Well've got some great photos there Lisa! I think I will join in with this too.
    I walked Bella round the country park this afternoon and there was a robin about a foot away from me,in a tree,singing his heart out..I didn't have my camera with me though..typical! ;0)

  4. I would have loved to join too :-(
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your lovely shotswith us..except for T's bone, which is not a lovely thing for him, poor boy!

  5. Hi Lisa,
    Fantastic photos ...what a good idea to get the whole family involved.
    Your something out of place is unique!!!
    The next list is coming tomorrow.
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. You had me worried there Lisa, I thought you meant Champagne. LLX

  7. What a great idea and such lovely photos,

    Victoria xx

  8. Some great pictures there. I am hoping to take part in Febs hunt :)

  9. Your pictures look really good! That was my library when I was little. :0)

    Lou xxx

  10. Well done! I didnt join in this as I have had a lot on this month, but I may join in next time. Shall we buy that building? I'm thinking "Worlds Best Tea Room"! I am meeting Kathy and also Lyn in Manchester on Saturday!I am so looking forward to it! xxxx

  11. Great photos! So nice to change perception and photograph something you wouldn't normally see as attractive!
    Thank you so much for the kind comments you have left on my blog following the birth of Sophie! Its a bit of a struggle to get on line as often but I enjoy keeping up to date with everyone's posts!

  12. Oh I like this! What a lovely old building - can I join you & Diane, I could bake all day!! If I'd known I could have sent you a gold fish....

    I also loved the post on the co-op you did (I use our local one a lot).

    Hope T is mending well, what a nightmare (my favourite saying at the moment). Oli once had both legs in plaster for a routine op, it needed a master plan to bath him....

    Hope you are keeping well,


  13. That's a brilliant idea! I might even join in for Feb! x

  14. Wonderful photos, Lisa. Especially the one of the tree. Dearlove is a brilliant name.