Wednesday, 2 February 2011

What a pair

The other day S was helping me put away the shopping. Out of one bag she took two items and holding one in each hand asked 'Mum where shall I put the pears?' She was a bit puzzled why I found her question funny as she was holding

a bar of Pears soap in her left hand and a bag of pears in her right!

Thank you to all who left such lovely comments about the photos on the Scavenger hunt in my last post. It was really good fun to do and if you haven't taken part then have a go for February.


  1. Yes! don't want to reach in the fruit bowl for a pear and find yourself munching on the soap! ;0)

  2. I love Pears Soap - its my favourite. xxx

  3. Pear is one of my favourite flavours ever (edible though)!

  4. Don't they make a lovely pear! x