Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Back,Their Birthday's and His Brother

At the weekend G and I made plans for the back garden. We talked about what needs to be done and then felt motivated to try and clear a bit of wilderness. All went well at the time but oh my goodness come Monday morning my back was in agony. Don't ask me what I did, we weren't out there long! We had made plans to meet up with a friend and her son, but she had to cancel at the last minute which was just as well as I spent the day with a hot water bottle on my back taking it easy whilst the children chilled and stayed in PJ's.

Tuesday was a bit more active. G, T and a friend of T's went off to London to see the new Dr Who exhibition. This was T's birthday treat. There was much excitement as I dropped them all off at the train station. I'm very happy to say they all thought it was completely wonderful and T and his friend had a couple of 'green screen' photos taken, one of them so it looked like they were actually inside the Tardis!

Whilst they were away rubbing shoulders with aliens I took S and a friend to an indoor soft play centre for a few hours. I read, they ran around.

Yesterday was T and S's birthday.
Both were extremely happy with their gifts from us.
T received a mobile phone

and S had a dolls house. Both have been played with a lot over the last 24 hours.

They were lucky to have lots of visitors bearing gifts all day long. My mum and sister C were the first to arrive at just before 10am. Then it was off into town for lunch at Bella Italia with G's mum, brother and sister. Home again for cake and more visits from my other sister, various friends and other family members.

Although it was wonderful seeing each and every person, by far the best guest was T's eldest brother R. T had no idea that R was coming to see him. It's the first time that R has visited our home. He wanted to make it on our recent trip to London when we met S and her family, but he was unable to get the time off work so he contacted G and asked if he could come and see T on his birthday instead.We were delighted and secret plans were made for R to come and stay overnight. I can't tell you how excited we've been for them. I asked T to open the door when I heard R knock and I was poised with the camera to take a photo of T's face but I was so caught up in the moment I forgot to click the camera button. Needless to say his expression was priceless! He was utterly surprised and so, so happy, especially when he realised R was staying.

All those years ago when we became a family G and I would have conversations about 'when the children grow up wouldn't it be great if they were able to come and stay on their own' and now it's happened. We are so thankful.
R and took T off to town this morning to buy him a birthday gift and one of S too.
Then all too soon he had to leave todo the long drive home again. T has been quiet this afternoon, missing his brother and wishing the visit could have been a longer one. Maybe next time.

I took my 6 year old pink fairy off to feed the ducks at her request this afternoon and we enjoyed being out in the sun for a while.
Happy days.


  1. Is it my hormones or do you do this to me on purpose? Its a good job I'm not at your house- I'd just be in floods of tears the whole time! You have made such a HUGE difference so many lives and I'm proud to call you my friend. Please supply me with a years supply of tissues though!!!!!xxxxxxx Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!!!

  2. What a brilliant birthday surprise for you all. You seem to have made the most of every moment and loads of memories to keep too!

  3. that dolls house is so lovely and pink...what a dream present....and of course a mobile for a young man would press all the right buttons......what a great day for everyone, you must be so happy

  4. What fab birthday celebrations :)

  5. Lisa,
    what a lovely post & just like Dianne, I am having a moment - T & S are growing up in the warmth, love & care of a very special familly.

    Big hugs sent to you all - & I am sure my two would be coveting the phone & the dolls house...

    Love the new photo of you, there is a hint of mischief too it!


  6. Hi Lisa, Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my kitchen. I stopped by the other day on your Frys Cream post (I commented from my new phone, it took ages and then my coment disappeared??? and I was meaning to come back when I went on the laptop. Im still trying to get the hang of my phone). Anyway..... the jist of my comment was that Frys Creams were one of my mams favourites (we both also loved Frys Turkish Delights and Smarties). My mother used to have a Frys Cream most days. I used to like the one with the 5 different flavoured fruit cream centre in it (do you remember that one?) Apparantely they stopped doing it because it cost too much to manufacture. My mother liked the original Frys but I liked the Peppermint and Orange one too. Havnt had a Peppermint for years but I have an Orange one in my fridge right now LOL!. I also loved your art work, you were very talented. X

    P.S Sorry to be so late on commenting on your post, but it brought back memories of being a child in the 1970's and getting sweets from a really old family run sweet shop (which is still going!!!)

  7. Ah, happy birthday to T and S. What super presents they got, but I'm sure nothing topped the surprise visit by T's brother. I'm with Diane, your post brought a tear to my eye.

  8. How closely do you look at every photo! You have eagle eyes (and a dirty mind!) xxxx

  9. What a great birthday surprise - and a trip to Dr Who too!
    Sounds like they both had great birthdays!
    Hope your back is better - know the feeling!

  10. Oh no, sorry about your poor back Lisa, I hope you're feeling a bit better now.
    What a wonderful surprise for T!
    Take care and have a super lovely weekend!

  11. Am sooo jealous of that dolls' house - it's just gorgeous! So sorry to hear about your back, and hope it's better soon x