Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Box of memories part 1

Last week I had to go round to my sister's house because she had sorted out the contents of her attic and in amongst all her stuff were 2 boxes of my stuff.
I was really pleased to discover one of them contained some items I thought I had lost. I'll be blogging about the contents over a couple of posts.
This first part contains photos of me.

Here I am at 6 months in a fabulous knitted outfit.

With my mum in the back garden of our home at the time. We all lived with my dad's dad for the first couple of years of my life. In fact I was born in that house.

Me with my dad on a very stony beach. Just look at his hair!

What a huge poser! This was taken on my first trip to Hever Castle with my nan, grandad and my aunt. Just one more step backwards and I would have been in the moat.

I think this was my 8th birthday. Not entirely sure, but what I do remember is that this was the day I won the egg and spoon race at the school sport's day. I wasn't at school very often on my birthday as it normally fell in the 6 week summer holiday but this particular year I was with my friends, won a race, wore one of my fave t-shirts and had a party. Totally wonderful.

This photo of me and my 2 sisters (and my mum, but the flash made her head disappear!) was taken at my aunt's wedding. She is my dad's sister and only a few weeks before the wedding their mum had passed away. The wedding was held at the church where my nan was buried and now my dad and another of their sister's is there too. It was obviously a very emotional day for all but it was also an incredibly momentous day for me as it was the first time I wore a bra.

I like this photo because my legs look long and slim, I dislike this photo because WHY ON EARTH DID I EVER WEAR THAT JACKET??????
It was taken at Dunster family whilst we were on a family holiday. Not long afterwards my mum and dad split up.
Nothing to do with the holiday.

Again I'm not sure of my age here, probably 13 or 14. I loved that outfit, I have a feeling I wore it to the cinema to see Fame. The dog is Bonnie. She was mine. I went on holiday to Butlins with my dad and sisters and when we got home Bonnie had disappeared. I was told she ran away. I cried for days. I was told many years later she was given away whilst we were away. Totally heartbreaking.

Lots of memories there, good and bad, happy and sad.


  1. I love looking through old photographs .... so many memories!

  2. What wonderful memories you have there. I always loved trawling through old photo albums, at my mum's or my nan's. Times and people that have gone by. I think its grounding. Of who we are where we have come from.

    Very precious treasures you have there. And thank you for sharing your memories.

    MBB x

  3. I love looking through old photos - bringing back so many memories.

    However I often wonder what possessed my Mum to dress me in some things!! Good old 70's ;)

  4. Gosh you have tugged at my heartstrings and had me run through every emotion so early in the day!!! I was up and down on that rollercoaster with you! My fave bit was the bra!!! xxxx

  5. What lovely family pictures Lisa,each one telling a story..bringing back memories of your life at the time.
    You were a sweet bonny baby weren't you? One of my favourite things to do on a rainy day is to look through my old photos.
    I must say I welled up hearing about your dear dog Bonnie(my first retriever was a bonnie too).What a very sad story :0(

  6. I love looking at old black and white photos too. Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

  7. Love the 'good, bad, happy and sad'. That's life Lisa! AND it's made you the wonderful person you are today. Life's like a recipe, if you miss out the tiniest ingredient the dish isn't as tasty! LLX

  8. Thanks for sharing these photos and memories with us. I bet you were heartbroken over Bonnie.

  9. I love the picture of you and your dad on the beach, I think I've got one in the same pose (but we where on the mountains :)
    You even remember the 1st time you wore a bra! You have such a good memory!

  10. I love family photos!! I inherited my nan's box of photos and can't wait to have some time to sort through them properly.

    Victoria xx

  11. Oh, wonderful in every way! I can't wait for Part Two!!

    And do you look like your mum, or WHAT?!?!?

  12. What lovely photos! Your mums hair is fab on the photo with you as a baby.