Sunday, 13 February 2011

Another branch to our family

Yesterday we spent the day in London.
We had a very special get together arranged.
Readers of this blog may remember that we meet up with T's siblings R, R and L from time to time. We are very lucky that these contact visits, which were originally supervised by social services, have over the years as the children have grown up turned into hugely enjoyable and very relaxed family occasions.

T also has another older sister and up until yesterday they hadn't seen each other for 7 years. At that time and up until the last couple of years S's life has been complicated.
About 6 months ago she got in touch asking if she could have contact with T. We took thing slowly with emails and then this progressed to phone calls. Then it all culminated yesterday with S and her partner and their children meeting up with us in London at the same park we've enjoyed visits to with their siblings.

This photo makes me so happy.

Here's a photo of all the girl's together
and all the boys.

S thoroughly enjoyed being with K and T, we think being with K was for S like getting her own real life dolly to play with! They played together so well and it gave T a chance to spend more precious time with S.
I'm so proud of our expanding family and before I get all emotional about how much it all means I'll change the subject and share a couple of other photos from our day.

S was highly entertaining on the way home sat with her legs crossed reading one of the supplements from a newspaper someone had left on the train.

I thought this silhouette painted on to a wall of a charity shop was a fabulous way to decorate an otherwise plain wall.

Part of a window display for Valentine gift ideas.

A row of the bikes now available to hire. We saw loads being used. Such a great idea.


  1. Those bikes are amazing aren't they? I can't say I'd be so confident at riding them around London, but kudos to those who do! :-)

    As for the new branch to your family tree - I'm so glad you had such a lovely day, and I wish you many more to come! :-)

  2. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day. The pictures are lovely.

  3. Oh thats so great Lisa.

    looks like you have a future commuter there!

  4. Such a beautiful post, made me tear up to. Open adoption is such a beautiful gift :)

  5. You are determined to turn me into an emotional wreck before March!!!
    You have a very very special family Lisa. xxxxx

  6. My heart was fit to bust reading your post. You look such a lovely lady Lisa - I'm so glad I've met you. LLX

  7. Oh what a lovely post ... you must be so proud of your children! What a wonderful uplifting story.

  8. that is such an adorable picture of her reading the paper....worthy of a frame me thinks....what a fantastic day, you must be thrilled that everyone had such a good time....will get the cushion to you this week!

  9. I'm all teary after looking at those first few photos - how wonderful! And then I had to laugh out loud at the Very Mature Miss S reading her newspaper.

    And now I am left with a little shiver of excitement after seeing that train photo (me out here in the relatively train-less big American Midwest), because it gets me thinking about that wonderful journey to come!

  10. What a lovely story - how great for your son to be able to maintain contact with the extended family :)

    Love the pic of your daughter on the train - she looks like she commutes all the time!!

  11. An very special family, for a very special lady.


  12. Such a lovely post, Lisa - T & S are so lucky to have you and G as their parents xx

  13. Such a great post to read! Glad you all had a wonderful day and hope there are many more to come.

    Victoria xx

  14. what a heart warming post-made me get goosebumps!
    Love the photo of S on the train, what a sweetie x

  15. How lovely for T to be able to keep in touch also with his sister!
    Well done you fantastic parents!