Saturday, 19 February 2011

A day late

This was the post I had planned in my head for yesterday but when I came to do it I couldn't find the darn camera lead. I searched high and low, although not low enough as it was eventually located under the computer desk, but by then I was too tired and my tummy was hurting. I think I may have developed IBS. Anyway I digress.

Yesterday was my fantabulous dad's birthday. He would have been 71. I took flowers up to the church for him and sang him happy birthday and then went and bought cake. He would have approved.

As well as finding some of my things in her loft my sister also found some of dad's. Lots and lots of cards. Christmas, birthday and Father's day cards we had sent him over the years. Although it was incredibly hard thing to do I decided not to keep them all. I have a box full to bursting point of speical momentoes and so I decided to keep only a few and these without doubt had to be included. All of these cards are to my dad from me but written out by my mum. With just my name inside I'm guessing they were given to him whilst I was the only child they had, so they are 40 years old.

I had been very lucky to meet lots of new fabulous friends through blogging and recently I have been very fortunate to meet lettice leaf.
Yesterday I went to the post office to collect a little parcel Linda had sent me. This is the second little gift she sent as the first one went AWOL in the Christmas post!
I have to admit that I ripped into the parcel as soon as i got back to the car but very carefully unwrapped my pressie so I could share the lovely wrapping.
Isn't my new brooch just gorgeous? I love all the cute little buttons, the purple reminds me of a pansy. It will be pinned to my coat today. Thank you Linda.


  1. These milestones are very hard, though I'm sure lots of happy memories sprung to your mind yesterday. How lovely to have some momentoes from when you were so young. What a gorgeous brooch. There are so many lovely people in blogland.

  2. That is lovely that those cards had been kept all those years. Fabulous brooch!

  3. What a lovely way to celebrate what would have been your Dad's birthday,and to have all those happy memories to look back on fondly.Every now and then I take out my 'memory box' and spend a morning reminiscing.
    The brooch is really gorgeous..enjoy wearing it! :0)

  4. For once I'm lost for words!

    Lisa as promised, last night I did toast your lovely dad, in tea I'm afraid, but from the heart for all that! LLX

  5. Thats a lovely brooch from Lettuce leaf. I love the photo of you and your dad, and what a lovely way to remember him. xxx

  6. Big Big Hug


    (& I love the brooch)

  7. Ahh, happy Birthday to your Dad, it's good to remember these days. I love the old cards you found thay are so vintage! I recognise the style of images from my childhood!

    Sweet broach too! enjoy wearing it,

    Love Sarah x

  8. Those cards are so special. They remind me of my childhood back in the 1960s/70s! I am glad you kept a few to remember your dear Dad by. x

  9. I was reading through all the cards I'd sent my nan the other day!! She'd kept everything!

    Victoria xx

  10. I echo Sarah, that's a great and nice way to remember your dear dad!

  11. Hi Lisa
    Thank you for visiting :-)
    I love the photo of your Dad (with you I guess?) - it reminds me of so many of our childhood photos and your Dad had the same hair style as mine at that time! Sending you a big hug and much love at this poignant time for you.
    I love the old birthday cards too - just so perfect and of their time.
    Take care and enjoy your many happy memories,
    D x