Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Box of memories part 2

Does anyone else remember these adverts for Fry's Chocolate Cream? They were all torn out of my dad's daily newspaper, hopefully I waited until after he had read it. The date on one of the pages is 17th Feb 1981 which makes it 30 years old tomorrow!

I really liked the silhouette artwork

and as at around that age I really enjoyed copying pictures out of books

and because I liked these so much I copied one of the adverts.

I can still remember the rainy afternoon I sat down to do this.
I know it's not fantastic but I was so proud of myself.


  1. Not fantastic! It is a lovely copy Lisa you should be proud of yourself. I have often envied those clever souls that can draw. I have so many ideas if only I had the artistic talent to accomodate them!

    I do remember going through a phase when i was young copy the Andy Cap cartoons. I took them in to show my teacher much to his amusement!

    MBB x

  2. Wow...this is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Brilliant. I remember adverts for Fry's Chocolate Cream, you don't hear much of them these days, but I ate one recently, yum.

  4. They are brilliant! You could make some nice cards out of the sillouettes. (I can't stop making cards!!!!!!!!!!)
    This brought back memories for me too as my lovely Grandad used to buy me a Frys Chocolate Cream EVERY Monday without fail xxxxxx

  5. Brilliant! I used to love Fry's chocolate cream.Haven't eaten one for years though.I wonder if they still taste the same? I used to buy my mother a walnut whip every day on my way back from school..but they're NOT the same now sadly. :0)

  6. So simple, but beautiful at the same time!

    Lou xxx

  7. I remember those adverts too! I think your red version is marvellous!

  8. Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a lovely comment!
    This whole blogging thing is becoming so much fun, being able to share all the beautiful things you see with like minded people, and visit their creative,interesting blogs in return.

  9. I think your picture is fab! On the downside, you've made me really REALLY crave a bar of Fry's Chocolate Cream. Can you even still buy it?

  10. ...yes Lisa...1981 means 30 years old..please don't remember me that! Your lovely newspaper is a bit older than me though ;D