Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cath and Cath-esque

In my post last month about our recent rip to Winchester I said I bought a couple of things from Cath Kidston but forgot to say what they were.
Here is my biggest biggest purchase. A fabulous red floral bag. Since buying it it has been sat in it's carrier bag. Every few days I would get it out for a look and give it a stroke and then pop it back into the pale blue carrier again. It's almost like I've wanted one for solong that I couldn't believe I had one and just wanted to get used to owning it. How sad am I?!
However today it had it's first outing. I met a friend in town today for cofee and cake and as she is a fellow C K lover I knew she would appreciate seeing a flash of Cath goodness.

After our meet up I had to go to Primark to buy some socks and tights for S. These immediately leapt out at me. They definitely have the mark of a CK pattern about them.


  1. Gorgeous bag - very cheery red :)

    Love the socks/tights too - be great if they did those in ladies sizes :)

  2. I need to get myself to Primark for some of those socks!

    Victoria xx

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Gorgeous bag. I know how it can be when you finally own something you have wanted for ages. Its almost like you are too frightened to use it! lol. Glad you got over the fear.

    I love those tights and socks. I brought both my girls some for christmas. And I love them and wished I could fit into them. (not a chance! boo). Still that's what you have little girls for well for a bit anyway.

    MBB x

  4. Love the grey ones! That little miss will be so cool :)
    LOL about not wearing your CK bag..I bought one and since I'd never had worn it, I gave it away!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I love your bag Lisa.I'm off to CK tomorrow to spend my voucher.I take ages to decide what to buy though!
    Enjoy using your new bag this weekend,and have a lovely time! :0)

  6. Very swanky lady! Love the bag - Becky had one bought for Christmas and I have my eye on it! I'll let her bring me some of those gorgeous socks from Primark! I may show you my Cath bargain later!xxxxx

  7. I'd buy those socks if they fitted me! They are really nice. x

  8. I love the primark Cath-esque stuff, such a great look at a fraction of the price!! Must get me some!!

  9. I love Primark. I need those socks desperately.